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Date: 1904
Portrait of Ameen Rihani, seated in a chair, taken in New York 1904.

Date: 1904
A drawing done in Chinese ink of Ameen Rihani in 1904 by the Lebanese artist, Mustapha Farroukh.

Date: 1904-04-26
A letter from James Carleton Young to Ameen Rihani, dated April 26, 1904.

Date: 1904-11-29
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Tabet (no surname), dated November 29, 1904.

Date: آب 1904
نسخة رسالة من امين الريحاني الى الشيخ اسعد طوبيا* في 12 آب 1904.

* هامش الرسالة يوضح بانه قد يكون هو الشخص المعني في الرسالة من بيت شباب المتن الشمالي في لبنان

رسالة من شبل دموس الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ ١٩ ايلول ١٩٠٤. يثني فيها شبل الى كتاب الريحاني حول ابو العلاء المعري، النسخة الانجليزية، وموضوعاته بخصوص "التساهل الديني" و"ثورة فرنسا".

Date: October 1904
A handwritten letter in Arabic. The letter was sent from Reverand Father Gabriel on October 20, 1904, and confirms that Wadiah, the daughter of George abi Shaja, was 15 and was born in Saghbeen, Syria.

Date: January 1919
A school record for M. J. Rizgalla created on January 17, 1919. It indicates that they were born October 15, 1904, residence at 500 Common St. It lists information about their studies at Warren Street School in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Date: July 1904
Handwritten letter in Arabic. Provided translation shows it was written July 2, 1904 by Father Anatolios Haddad to confirm that Afifi Barouki, daughter of the late Ibrahim Al Barouki, was baptized on August 21, 1894.

Date: April 1917
A birth record, issued by the Town of Methuen Town Clerk's Office on April 10, 1917, certifying that John Henry Nassar, child of Najib Nassar and Mary Brock Nassar, was born on December 13, 1904.

A letter, written by Mary E. Leary, Principal at the Amesbury Street School, on September 9, 1920. It certifies that Najeeb [likely James] Kalil was born on September 20, 1904 and enrolled in school on September 11, 1911.

A school record for James Kalil created on September 8, 1920 at the Oliver School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and signed by S.B. Frost, a teacher there. It gives Kalil's date of birth as September 20, 1904 and residence as 68 Hampshire St. The record…

A letter from Rev. Thomas Griffin of Henderson, North Carolina, written on December 11, 1915. It certifies that that Kalile Francis was born on September 27, 1904 in Henderson, North Carolina, and baptized by missionaries from the Sacred Heart Church…

A school record for Gabriel Joseph created on December 12, 1919. It indicates Joseph's birthdate as December 10, 1904 and residence at 201 Broadway St. It lists his father as Abraham Joseph. It provides information about his studies at the Lawerence…

Date: July 1919
School records for Gabriel Joseph created on July 18, 1919. It indicates Joseph's birthdate as December 10, 1904 and residence at 201 Broadway St. It lists his father as Abraham Joseph. It provides information about his studies at the Oliver School…

Date: 1904
A birth record for Gabriel Joseph, date of birth December 3, 1904, place of birth, Waterville, Maine. It lists the father's name as Abraham Joseph and occupation as Merchant, and the mother's maiden name as Raphael Joseph.

A record, issued by the City Clerk's Office of Dover, New Hampshire on November 16, 1918, certifying Najib Dowaliby's birth date as November 12, 1904. It lists his father's name as Ameen Dowaliby.

A school record for James Dowaliby created on November 13, 1918. It states that he was born November 12, 1904. The record lists his residence as 53 White St., his parent as Ameen Dowaliby, and school as Tarbox School, and confirms his last grade…

Date: 1922
A school record for Faires Corey, detailing his admission and discharges from school. It shows his discharge in 1922 from his school in Caribou, Maine at age 18. It also provides information about Faries, including date of birth, March 24, 1904,…

Date: Unknown
A handwritten letter from Principle Margaret S. Brown of the Cross St. School. It certifies Hafis Bistany's birthdate as September 3, 1904.

Date: circa 1922
This record kept track of the admission, discharge, and promotion of students in the elementary school system. This document provides information about Alice Assaf including date and place of birth--March 5, 1904, in Lawrence, MA--name of parent,…

Date: April 1904
This birth record, issued by the City Clerk's Office of Lawrence, Massachusetts on April 4, 1904, confirms George Akel's birth as June 20, 1903. It provides further information about George, including place of birth, 383 Elm St., name of father,…

Date: August 1910
A City Clerk's Office record detailing the birth of Nezira R. Abounader on May 8, 1904 in Worcester, Massachusetts. This copy of her original birth record was created on August 18, 1910, but the original birth record was created in January 1905. The…

Date: June 1918
A school record for Nezira Abounader, born on May 8, 1904. The record was issued on June 7, 1918 by the Massachusetts Department of Labor and Industries and was filled out by a principal or teacher at Tarbox School. Information about Nezira rcorded…
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