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Date: 1903
Memorial Card for Yak Oussani with Arabic around the sides and "In Memorium" printed on the back.

Date: 1903
Mettrey Wehbie Naturalization Certificate

Date: 1903
Sketches of "The Trilateral Treaty in the Animal Kingdom"

Date: 1903-03-19
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Marie (no surname), March 19, 1903.

Date: 1903-08-10
A letter from Ameen Rihani to a Mr. Saltus, dated August 10, 1903.

 رسالة من جورج حبيقة الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ ٩ كانون الثاني ١٩٠٣. فيها يشكر جورج الريحاني على نسخ الهدى، ويخبره انه وزع "الثورة الافرنسية" - اظنه كتاب الريحاني حول الثورة الفرنسية - الى بعض الجرائد مثل "المقطم، الاهرام، مصر، الوطن، الخزان، الرأي…

رسالة من سليم سركيس الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ ٢ اب ١٩٠٣. فيها يشكو/يصف سركيس الى الريحاني الوحدة ووحشتها.

رسالة من سعيد جمرة الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ ١٠ تشرين الثاني ١٩٠٣. فيها يوجه سعيد نقد ادبي للريحاني حول كتابه عن ابي العلاء المعري.

Date: Apr-03
Mettrey Wehbie Naturalization Certificate

A handwritten letter in Arabic and English (on the left) certifying the age of Karim Saliba and date of birth as March 3, 1903, and baptism on March 10, 1903. (on the right) Arabic, certifying the birthdate of Hanna Saliba on Marc 21, 1901, and…

Date: Unknown
An undated letter from Margaret Brown, principal of the Cross Street School, stating that Elias Saliba was born November 3, 1903.

Date: July 1918
A City of New York Department of Health record certifying that George Mussawir was born September 4, 1903, issued on July 19, 1918 and stamped by a medical doctor.

A certificate in Turkish (Ottoman). ID record/certificate. Year of birth 1894. Issued on February 9, 1903.

Date: Unknown
A school record for Thomas Khoury, born October 15, 1903, residence at 307 Oak St. It details information about Thomas's study at the Tarbox School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. It lists his father's name as E. George Khoury.

Date: Unknown
A letter certifying that Kizhia Elias Koury was born May 17, 1903 and baptized December 3, 1903. Written by Rev. Gabriel Bostany, Rector at St. Anthony's Church at 256 Elm St., Lawrence, Massachusetts. The note is written in both Arabic and English.

Date: October 1909
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youssef (last name not clear) on October 11, 1909. It confirms the baptisms of the children of Rasheed Ghassan al Harfi: his son Majeed on March 21, 1900 and daughter Dhab on May 12, 1903.

Date: 1920
International passport of Lamià Boustani [Lamya Bastany], issued in 1920. On the back it is stamped by the American Consulate in Beirut and signed by Frederick Bird on October 30, 1920. Lamia was originially from Lebanon and was born in 1903. It…

Date: April 1904
This birth record, issued by the City Clerk's Office of Lawrence, Massachusetts on April 4, 1904, confirms George Akel's birth as June 20, 1903. It provides further information about George, including place of birth, 383 Elm St., name of father,…

Date: August 1920
A handwritten letter in Arabic composed by Khouri Yousuf Sharabiah on August 7, 1920. The letter confirms the baptism of Mansour Hanna Sulaiman on November 13, 1901, and his brother Abdallah Hanna Sulaiman on July 6, 1903 in Saydet El Maounet Church.

Naturalization Papers for George Joseph Safy dated 2 Nov 1903. Occupation listed as cigar dealer. Year of arrival listed as 1894, year of birth listed as Reference testimony given by Anthony M. Nofal.
NY Naturalization papers - George J Safy - 1903 - p1_wm.jpg
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