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Date: 1900
A sketch of "the British countryman"

Date: 1900
Two sketches of women labeled No.1 and No.7

Date: 1900
Margaret Shea Oussani driving a carriage. The back says "Aug. 3, - 1900 For Mama".

Date: 1900
Joseph Oussani with his two dogs likely around 1900 near his Pocantico Hills, New York home.

Date: 1900
Joseph Oussani with his two dogs by an outbuilding at his Pocantico Hills, New York home. The back says "July - 22 - 1900 Pocantico Hills".

Date: 1900
Joseph Oussani with his two dogs by an outbuilding at his Pocantico Hills, New York home. The back says "Pocantico Hills July - 22 - 1900".

Date: 1900
A contract between the executors of the will of Grosvenor P. Lowrey and Joseph Oussani, selling the Pocantico Hills properties listed for $6500, signed 7 February 1900

Date: 1900
An Abstract of Title describing premises in Pocantico Hills, sold to Joseph Oussani as part of estate of Grosvenor P. Lowrey, dated 1900

Date: 1900
Blueprint map of land of the estate of GP Lowrey, deeded to Joseph Oussani, in Pocantico Hills, showing 19 1/2 acres, dated 31 January 1900

Date: 1900-05-10
A handwritten receipt signed by Anton and Sons, dated May 10, 1900. Informing receipt of only 4 French francs (liras, as written in receipt) from Father Tobia Attallah, for the price of [bricks].

Date: 1900-07-11
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Charles (no surname), dated July 11, 1900.

Date: 1903
A handwritten receipt of several payments from:
deceased Youssef [Joseph] Neja Abu Kahle, 5575 francs, 1903.
deceased Youssef Mousa Abu Kahle, 5000 Canadian francs, 1905.
Father Tobia Attallah, and Father Butrus [last name not clear].
[name and…

Date: April 1916
A typed letter certifying Alice Darowish's birth date as April 12, 1900 in Boro, Shanandoah Pennsylvania. It lists the name of her father, D. E. Darowish, and his residence, 134 E. Coal St., Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. It bears a seal and was signed by…

Date: circa 1914
A school record for Joseph Shaheen, born July 15, 1900 and residence at 313 Oak St. It lists information about their studies at the Oliver School and lists parent's name as Abdella Shaheen.

Date: circa 1914
A physician's certificate of age for Joseph Shaheen, confirming his date of birth as July 15, 1900.

Date: circa 1917
A certificate of age for Mary Hadid, signed by a physician, confirming her date of birth as February 28, 1900, residence as 182 Maple St., and age as at least sixteen.
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