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Date: 1950s
A photograph of a group of people at the beach. Margaret Oussani is in the back, second from left.

Date: 1920s
An unidentified young man from the Mansour family photo album. The young man is playing tennis, standing in front of a net and swinging a racket behind his shoulder. The photograph is captioned "La-the-fy."

Date: 1910s
A photograph of a young man climbing on a large, natural rock wall

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A photograph of a young man leaning against a pole, dressed in a suit with a white jacket, tie, and bundle of keys at his waist. In the background is the commercial city street of an unidentified city; a shop advertising stetson hats is visible.

Date: 1910s
A photograph of a young man, in a suit, standing in front of a Victorian house

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A hand-tinted photograph of an unidentified young man.

A photograph of a boy drinking at an outside water fountain

Date: circa 1945
An unidentified young man, likely a friend or relative of Joseph El-Khouri, stands in front of columns at Ba'albek. Ba'albek is a significant archaeological site in Lebanon containing Phoenician ruins.

A photograph of a young boy on a ship, identified as "Lenny"

A photograph of a young Leonard Oussani on a ship

A photograph of Leonard Oussani wearing a suit and standing outside

Date: 1920s
A photograph of Isabel Oussani standing outside

Date: 1910s
A photograph of Isabel Oussani riding a pony in front of a house in Pocantico Hills, NY

Date: 1945
A photograph of a young Gladys and Dotty, dated 27 July 1945

Date: July 2000
Joanna Yehia, Karmina Ishak, and Sasha Yehya on a mountain in Lebanon.
Ishak_Girls on Mountain-wm.jpg

A photograph of a young girl in dress and boots sitting in a hammock

A photograph of a little girl standing outside, brick wall and building in the background


Date: 1923
Young George Kahdy sits in between his two parents Asaf and Adma Kahdy who are in formal attire. Caption on the back reads, "George A. Kahdy and parents Asaf George Kahdy and Adma Sawaya Kahdy. 1923 USA."

Date: 1920's
Young George Kahdy in a scout uniform. The note on the back states, "Scout George Kahdy 1920's."

Date: 1920's
A portrait of young George Kahdy in a formal shirt and bow tie. The back reads "George Kahdy" in red lettering.

Date: 1950's
Young George Jr., Georgette, and Barbara Kahdy sit under a Christmas tree and unwrap presents.

Date: 1948-1950's
A collection of several scenes from when George Jr. and Georgette Kahdy were babies and young children. Some scenes include other children and adults.

Date: 1949
Young George Jr. and Georgette Kahdy sit next to each other on a table. They are both smiling and wearing matching outfits. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette and George Kahdy 1949."

Date: 1920's
Young Ernest Saloom and George Kahdy sitting side by side. The back of the photo reads, "Ernest Saloom and George, 8 years old."

Date: abt 1930
A photograph of a young child, Dorothy Fuleihan, sitting on the ground outside with a dog, stone house in the background
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