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Date: 2019
A video documentary that includes oral histories and images that describe the history of the Zaytoun family and their immigration from Lebanon to North Carolina. Created by Meryl Murman.

Date: March 1914
A letter written by American Line to Mr. Nassar S. Hajjar at 371 Elm St., Lawrence, MA, on March 14, 1914. It confirms Zakie Battal's arrival in the United States on June 22, 1914. at age 17. It also specifies that Zakie traveled as a third class…

Date: October 1913
An immigration record, produced by the United States Department of Labor, Immigration Service, and sent to the Superintendant of Schools in Lawrence, MA, on October 1, 1913. It certifies Zakie Battal's arrival in the United States as June 22, 1913.…

Date: August 1913
A letter, written on August 7, 1913, from the commissioner of the United States Department of Labor, Immigration Record, certifying that Zahia Hajjar arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on May 21, 1913 on the S.S. Laconia of the Cunard Line and was 20…

Date: August 1913
An application for employment certificiate for Zahia Hajjar for work at the Ayer Mill, issued on August 6, 1913 and signed by the mill's overseer Tom Forrest. It lists her residence as 370 Elm St., and date of birth as May 21, 1893.

Date: circa 1966
Family photo depicting Yvette, Maggie, Majed, and Mark in the snow of 1966.
yvette with maggie majed mark c.jpg

Date: October 1913
This immigration record was produced at Ellis Island on October 21, 1913, sent to Yousseff Elias of 356 Elm St., Lawrence, MA, and signed by Acting Commissioner Byron Hall. It certifies Youssef Elias's arrival in the United States on October 12,…

Date: May 1909
A handwritten letter in Arabic. Confirm baptism of Youssef Tannous Shaheen Rezqallah in 1893. Written by Father Khouri Youhanna Maron alRaghraghi on May 17, 1909.

Date: July 1914
A handwritten letter in Arabic. Confirm birthdate of Youssef son of Abdullah alSabbah on December 25, 1897, age (16). Written by Father Khouri Youhanna alNadaf on July 16, 1914.

Date: October 1913
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Gabrial al Bustani on October 3, 1913. It confirms the baptism of Youssef Khalil BuDiwan on November 29, 1895, by Father Khouri Youssef.

Date: July 2000
Youssef Ishak, Doumit Ishak, and Mohammed Nasser, the President of the Special Olympics of Lebanon, standing in front of a swimming pool in conversation with one another.
Ishak_Three Men-wm.jpg

The vinyl recording of Yousif Hatem. Sides 1 & 2: Waeif Alshati.

The vinyl recording of Yousif Hatem. Sides 1 & 2: Yamhagereen.

Date: July 1913
Tear off portion of a ticket to be kept by the passenger. This ticket was issued by the Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur Cyprien Gabre & Compagnie [The Fabre Line], a French shipping line on July 22, 1913. This ticket belonged to Yousef…

Date: 1920s
A studio portrait of an unidentified young woman taken in Beirut, likely in the 1920s. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard mat; the woman is standing on a patterned rug in front of a chair in front of a painted backdrop of trees.

Date: C. 1905
A photograph of young Victoria Alkazin before her marriage to Shikrey Baddour.
Baddour_young Victoria_wm.jpg

A photograph of a young Vera sitting outdoors, possibly in Lebanon.

A group photograph of young people in winter dress, standing outside a building. Likely a group of students, the location and identities are not included. The photograph is mounted on a damaged cardboard backing.

Date: abt 1934
A photograph of Neville Fuleihan seated near a window

Date: abt 1932
A photograph of a young child, Neville Fuleihan, sitting inside

Date: abt 1932
A photograph of a young Neville Fuleihan wearing a sweater

Date: 1918
Young Nell Mettrey Kahdy in a white dress, standing and posing with her hand on the back of the chair she is standing on. The back is labelled "1917, mom", 1917

Date: 1948
A photograph of the Saleh family in 1948 in Lebanon. Left to Right: unidentified family friend, Samir's stepfather, Moussa Domit, and Cecilia Saleh.
saleh_moussa and cecilia with stepfather and family friend_1948_wm.jpg
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