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Date: 2002
Magazine containing news and paid sponsorships.


A piece by Ameen Rihani for the Al-Hoda Centennial. (Folder 1-3-2-2)
Mokarzel 1-3-2-2 Paper_wm.pdf

Date: 1993 Dec
Newspaper article about the Albany First Night festival, in which the Yallah Dance Ensemble performed.

Date: 1993 Dec 29
Newspaper article about the Albany First Night festival, in which the Yallah Dance Ensemble performed.

An article from the Jacksonville Daily News describing the contributions that Albert Ellis made to his community before his death.

Date: 1991 May 18
Flyer for an event titled "Ali Baba Night: An Evening of Middle East Entertainment," including a performance by the Yallah Dance Ensemble.

Date: 1966
Article from February 5, 1966, in The Atlanta Constitution titled "American Pupils Abroad Heard Just French

Date: 1996 July 07
Newspaper article titled "An Old Instrument Made for Cybertimes," about the Theremin, written by Barbara Jepson, published in the New York Times 7 July 1996.

Date: undated
Article titled "Ancient Egyptian Dances" discussing the history of Egyptian dance.

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Date: Unknown
An article about the finalists in competition to win the Bishop S. Walters Award, awarded for distinguished volunteer service to the Church in North Carolina. (Folder 12-47)
Khouri 12-47 Article_wm.pdf

Date: 1960
Article discussing the Andrews, North Carolina 4th of July Celebration. The piece notes the Jabaley's Department Store float by Joe (Joseph Maroun) El-Khouri depicting the Lebanese Flag and ridden by five of his children.
El-Khouri_4th of July Article_ocr_wm.pdf

An article published in The Andrews Journal concerning the newly elected Lions Club officials. (Folder 12-41)
Khouri 12-41 Article_wm.tif

Date: June 7, 1971
An article published in the Asheville Citizen-Times about Joseph El-Khouri's election as District Governor for the Lions Club. (Folder 12-23)
Khouri 12-23 Article_wm.tif

Date: 1982
An article about the Lebanese Civil War and its effect on the El-Khouri family there. (Folder 12-11)
Khouri 12-11 Article_wm.tif

Date: October 1981
Newspaper column which mentions Anthony and Catherine El-Khouri visited their parents, Joe and Rose El-Khouri. Journal_Notes_1981_children visit (2)_crop_wm.jpg

An article about the difficulty faced by Joseph El-Khouri when he attempted to call his family in Lebanon, likely due to the 1958 Lebanon crisis. (Folder 12-3)
Khouri 12-3 Clipping_wm.tif

Date: 1919
Two articles from the New York Times labeled as November 20, 1919. The first is titled "Anis Fuleihan Plays" and the second, "Le Concert de Mr. Fuleihan." The first in English the second in French.
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