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An English article, celebrating 'Maronite Mass' in the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul

A document written by Alfred Ellis in Latin that looks to talk about himself and his life.


A prayer card with prayers and short info on Saint Maron.

A clipping from a newspaper about Niagara Mohawk and showing graduates from 'Niagara Mohawk Academy of Lighting Arts', among graduates is Delor Ellis.

An article on Lebanon's politics, with a handwritten comment/note by Kail on the side.


A list of names

Article on the election of Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, Patriarch of Antioch for the Maronites. dated April 19

Poem by Kazahiya alAqiqi, on the love of Jesus Christ.

Newspaper clipping. P.1: declaring vow of monasticism of Mary Ensila and Alfred with short info about them, also about Mary Terese and Bolus Kmeid Jr.
P.2: political news on Lebanon, the withdrawal of U.S. forces, Rashid Karami order to lay down…

Arabic article, titled 'Voice from Diaspora' by Maron Abu Zaid, a reply to Angele's article in the same section. Maron's Article asks Lebanese in diaspora to teach young generations about Lebanon, language, culture and history.

Arabic article on Danny Thomas and his show 'Road to Lebanon', it is a continued article from page 4.

Article in Arabic, title 'Voice from Diaspora' by Angele Ellis 'The Housewife', defending Lebanon and how it is described in foreign newspaper.

Part of Arabic article (copy) on the mourning of Zareef Estephan Aqiqi. Original file (KEllis2020-740).


Short poem on Lebanon, title 'My Nation/Country', by Youssuf (Joseph) alA'chi, Fort Pierce, Florida

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Article in alHuda newspaper, title 'Voice from Diaspora' by Angele Ellis 'Danny Thomas', to be continued on page five on newspaper.

Arabic statement by Yousef Hbiech, delivered in the funeral oration of Badeea' Hbiech, the mother of Fouad Hobeiche, the President of Lebanon.

Family tree of: Hobeiche and Kmeid families.

Family tree of Fadel El-Khazin

Damaged clipping of newspaper on Lebanon. the second photo at the bottom, the man with 'tarboosh' is Youssuf Hobeiche.

A letter from Margo Elias Abeed to Angele Ellis, undated

A postcard from Yousef Hobeiche and Nahde Hobeiche to Ellis family, undated.

A letter from May al Helo to Angele Ellis, undated.

A postcard from Sister Eugenie Charbol to Angele Ellis, undated. Sent from Ajaltoun, Lebanon.

A holy card with a depiction of Mary and Jesus.

A letter from Neil W. Kelleher to Kail Ellis, undated
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