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Date: 11-Sep-32
A letter from "a worried woman" (as signed) to Florida Governor Carlton regarding bootlegging. She provides a list of names and establishments violating prohibition laws .

Date: 15-May-30
A letter from Hettie Talbert to Florida Governor Carlton inquring how best to approach unlawfulness in her area. The governor response suggesting she report concerns to the local courts and sheriff.

Date: 18-Oct-29
A series of letters from E.B. William's of Madison County, Florida reguarding a situation in which the sheriff of Madison County and the sheriff (Douglass) of Columbia County fail to arrest W.L. Haines convicted of operating an automobile while…

Date: 1929
A letter from an anonymous person to Florida Governor Carlton regarding an establishments outside of Lake City and White Springs called "Baker's Place" and "Fatty's Place". The writer claims the establishments sell a lot of illegal alcohol (during… Date_AnonymousOnBakersPlacewm.pdf

Date: 30-May-30
A letter from the wife of Lake City Judge Joe Gillen to Florida Governor Carlton reporting inceidences of illegal alcohol sales during prohibition in which local police were complicit. She states that a local Deputy Sheriff runs a "place called Red…

Date: 30-May-30
A letter from an anonymous person to Florida Governor Carlton claiming that alcohol and drugs are being sold illegally in Columbia County. The writer alleges that when sheriff Douglass is informed of impending raids by "prohibition men" enforcing…

Date: 4-Apr-30
A letter from Columbia County Florida Sheriff Wiley "Babe" Douglass to Governor Carlton metnioning the sheriff's lack of knowledge of alleged open bar rooms on the main street of Lake City.

Date: 4-Jun-29
A series of letters reguarding the arsen business in Fort White, Florida in Columbia County. Mrs. W.J. Howell writes the governor asking him to investigate the matter as the County Sheriff Douglass has failed to adequately investigate. Carlton…

Date: 6-Jun-31
A letter from R.H. Champan to Florida Governor Carlton in which Chapmen renegs an endorsement for a candidate, W.H. Brown for Constable given Brown's alleged mistreatment of African-American citizens and illiterate white citizens.
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