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Date: Nov-59
Photograph of Nell Kahdy with her children, Barbara, and twins, George and Georgette. The photo was taken for an article in the News and Observor, Raleigh, N.C, November 30, 1959

Portrait of Mary Wehbie, wife of Mikal

Date: Dec-65
News Article in The Syrian-Lebanese Star "The Mittrys - 800 Years in Construction", pg 33, December 1965

Date: Apr-37
The Syrian Ark April 1937

A short autobiography written by Nell Mettrey Kahdy about her life

George Kahdy Autobiography, 2000-2014

Old Lebanese Songs - Phonics by Nellie Mettrey Kahdy for her daughter, Barbara, 1930-2014

Wedding portrait of the parents of Anis Sawaya

A framed portait of Marta and Dr. Habib Sawaya in Bteghrine, Lebanon.

Date: 1947
Sawaya 1947 Family Reunion Key. Group family photograph taken at the Sawaya family reunion in Bteghrine, Lebanon in 1947. All people in photograph have been identified on the second document.

Photograph of four Sawaya cousins in front of home in Bteghrine, Lebanon

Photograph of a sign for Dr. Anis N. Sawaya Dermatology and Cosmetology Business located in Bteghrine, Lebanon. They are the first cousin of George Kahdy.

Copy of a portrait of Mike Mettrey Wehbie

Date: 1937
Photograph of a large group of men taken at David Abraham Saliba's funeral held at the Lafayette Street Methodist Church in Dothan, AL in 1937. Most of the men have been identified on another document and most belong to the Saliba and Saloom…

Date: Nov-59
The News and Observer Article "Mother of Three Has Workable Philosophy", Raleigh, N.C, November 30, 1959

Sepia Photograph of Mike Mettrey Wehbie

Framed Portrait of Mike Mettrey Wehbie created at a studio in Raleigh, NC sometime between the 1930's and 1950's.

Photograph Mike Mettrey Wehbie and Mary Nehr Wehbie taken around 1906

A photograph taken outside of the Mettrey-Wehbie family store with their first stock of beer after the end of Prohibition in Elizabeth City, NC. The men in photograph look like Mike Mettrey Wehbie and Chris Wehbie. Mike is pouring a beer into a mug.…
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