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  • Collection: Moussa/Abdulbaki Family

Date: 1978
Lebanese University in Beruit-undergraduate, 1978 (extreme right)

Date: 1969
Far left, eldest; then younger brothers and father, circa 1969

Date: 1967-1968
Winter 1967 or 1968; -on the snow in Lebanon
Grandmother to far right (with head scarf, in her 50s), mom, holding sister, father, brother in front, then aunt-father’s sister, and Narges is on bottom left. They were visiting Beruit, but needed to…

Date: 2010
2010 Christmas in Winter Green Resort in Virginia-husband, youngest son-Amr; older brother-mohammad; sister, lama; eldest sister, rasha

Date: 1973
End of 1973-back right Narges 10 years old)
Father, mom, brother (19 months younger); front right, sister, another sister, baby brother and another sister
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