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  • Collection: Angele Hobeiche Kmeid-Ellis Collection: Correspondence

Date: 1963-04-08
A greeting card from Margaret Abeed to Angele Ellis to celebrate Easter, dated 8 April 1963.

Date: 2005-09-10
A card from Robert F. Prevost to Alfred Ellis for his 50th year in 'religious profession', dated 10 September 2005

Date: 1993-09-21
A copy of a census record for Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, dated 1932, requested for reproduction on 21 September 1993.

Date: 1937-02-02
A certificate of citizenship from the United States of America Department of Labor for Angele Ellis. Home address listed as 720 Parham Street, Carthage, New York

Date: 1945-06-04
A certificate of naturalization for Seghan Kmeid (spelled Sagam Hanna Kamide or Sejaan Kmeid) from the United States Department of Justice.

Date: 1924-11-22
A certificate of naturalization for Toufic Ellis (spelled Toufee Tarrad Ellis) in the United States of America, dated 22 November 1924.

Date: 1937-12-14
A copy of a certificate given to Yousef Hobeiche for the Syrian Medal of Honor, dated December 14, 1937.

Date: 1960-12-16
A Christmas Card from Chukralla Mubarak to the Ellis family wishing them a Merry Christmas, dated 16 December 1960. Postmarked from Hallandale, Florida with images of Christ and Mary.

Date: 1960-12-20
A Christmas Card from Dave (no surname) to Kail Ellis, dated 20 December 1960.

Date: 2014-12
A Christmas card from Delor Ellis to Theresa Ellis, dated December 2014.

Date: 1959-12-29
A Christmas card from George (last name unknown) to Kail Ellis, dated 29 December 1959. Sent from Baabda, Lebanon with a photograph Jupiter Temple's Pillars of Baalbek, Lebanon.

Date: 1959-12-20
A Christmas card from George Tumeh to Kail Ellis titled, 'Lebanon -- The Cedars' with an image of a cedar tree covered in snow,, dated 20 December 1959.

A Christmas card with an unknown sender to Kail Ellis, undated. 'Dear Khalil,
Kisses and longing, I am asking from the child Jesus to make these two holidays of christmas and new year to make them many and that you will have health and…

Date: 1965-12-15
A Christmas card from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis with a note from Tayseer Arafeh, dated 15 December 1965. The front has a colored nativity scene.

Christmas Card with John Ledwig Gebhard Lund Artwork on the front. Arabic section: sender sends receivers season greetings and best wishes.

Date: 1926-04-24
A citizenship record sent from Beirut, Lebanon to Angele Ellis while she awaited her paperwork to go through the American Consul in Marseille, France. This record was obtained by Mariam Hobeiche on behalf of Angele Ellis.

Date: 1962-05-21
A commencement invitation for Le Moyne College from Kail Ellis to Angele and Toufic Ellis, dated 21 May 1962. Also included are a name placard for 'Kail C. Ellis' and an 'Admit One' ticket for commencement exercises.

Date: 1953-11-02
A marriage certificate for Angele Ellis from Qattine (spelled Angela, daughter of Cheikh Nehme Ghaleb Hobeish from El-katteen) and Toufic Ellis from Bqaatouta (spelled Toofic Elias Kmayd from Bekahtoota). This certificate is signed by Father Botros…

Date: 1994-02-13
A death certificate for Angele Ellis, dated 13 February 1994.

Date: 2006-07-06
A diary written by Kail Ellis during the Israeli Hezbollah war of 2006 in Lebanon from 6 July 2006 to 25 July 2006.

Date: 1958-03-19
A doctor's note from Docteur S. Najm in Beirut, Lebanon. The note is addressed to Kail Kmeid and lists the dates that he has previously visited the doctor, totaling five visits since 5 November 1957.

Date: 1958-04-01
An Easter card from Kail Ellis to Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, dated 1 April 1958. Front cover contains a drawing of a bouquet of flowers and a rush mail sticker.

Date: 2001-02-04
An email from Kail Ellis regarding the family history of Zakia Sukarye (Zakia Haddad), dated 4 February 2001.

Date: 2019-04-06
An email from Raff Ellis to Kail and Theresa Ellis about the death of Alfred Ellis on 4 April 2019, dated 6 April 2019
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