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  • Collection: Angele Hobeiche Kmeid-Ellis Collection: Correspondence

Date: 1899-03-18
A holy card depicting Madonna Della Pace (Madonna of Peace), dated 18 March 1899. Inscription on back written in French, including 'Lucerne (Suisse) and dates 18 March 1899 and 19 March 1899.

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Date: 1905-03-28
A holy card titled, 'L' Archange Saint Michel' depicting Saint Michael with a prayer to Saint Michael on the back, dated 1914.

Date: 1905-04-18
A journal from Angele Ellis, dated 1935. Journal is from Eagle Ellay Store, 88 Public Square, Watertown, New York.

Date: 1905-05-01
A handmade greeting card from Kail Ellis to Angele Ellis, dated 1948. The card includes a photograph of Kail Ellis pasted to the front and is decorated with hand drawn flowers.

Date: 1905-05-22
A postcard from Namtallah and Christine to Angele Ellis, dated 1969. They are sharing their trip plan back to Lebanon.

Date: 1905-06-03
Angele Ellis' diary of the year 1981. It is a Khalil Gibran Diary For 1981 with a selection for each week from The Prophet and his other writings. Within the diary is also a letter to Angele Ellis from Badia Yara.

Date: 1905-06-16
Two cards addressed to Louise from Kail Ellis, unknown date but Kail refers to Angele's funeral, which would have been in 1994.

Date: 1914-06-06
A passport Number 1475 from the Ottoman Empire for Toufic Kmeid (spelled Toufik Kemaide in document), dated 6 June 1914.

Date: 1920s c.
A letter from Asma (no surname) to Angele Ellis circa 1920s.

Date: 1920s c.
A prayer card from Mother Marie Rose to Angele Ellis with a print of St. Therese circa 1920s.

Date: 1920s c.
A letter written by one of Angele Ellis' students in Lebanon to Angele Ellis circa 1920s.

Date: 1920s c.
A letter from Sister Jermania to Angele Ellis, dated 17 March circa 1920s.

Date: 1920s c.
A letter from Mariam Hobeiche to Angele Ellis circa 1920s.

Date: 1920s c.
A photocopy of a letter from Zakia Sukarye (Zakia Haddad) to Angele Ellis circa 1920s.

Date: 1924-11-22
A certificate of naturalization for Toufic Ellis (spelled Toufee Tarrad Ellis) in the United States of America, dated 22 November 1924.

Date: 1925 c.
A letter from Mariam Hobeiche to Angele Ellis circa 1925.

Date: 1925-01-01
A letter from Badia Assaf to Angele Ellis, dated 1 January 1925.

Date: 1925-05-23
A passport for Toufic Tarrad Ellis (spelled Toufee Tarrad Ellis), dated 23 May 1925.

Date: 1926-01-23
A property sale registration from Wahib Faris Hobeiche (spelled Waheeb Faris Hbeesh) to Toufic Tarrad Kmeid (spelled Toufik Tarrad Kemaide), dated 23 January 1926.

Date: 1926-04-24
A citizenship record sent from Beirut, Lebanon to Angele Ellis while she awaited her paperwork to go through the American Consul in Marseille, France. This record was obtained by Mariam Hobeiche on behalf of Angele Ellis.

Date: 1926-06-11
A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 11 June 1926.

Date: 1926-06-27
A letter from Adla Hobeiche to Toufic Ellis, dated 27 June 1926.

Date: 1926-07-21
A letter from Mariam Hobeiche to Toufic Ellis, dated 21 July 1926.
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