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Date: 1899-03-18
A holy card depicting Madonna Della Pace (Madonna of Peace), dated 18 March 1899. Inscription on back written in French, including 'Lucerne (Suisse) and dates 18 March 1899 and 19 March 1899.

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Date: 1905-03-28
A holy card titled, 'L' Archange Saint Michel' depicting Saint Michael with a prayer to Saint Michael on the back, dated 1914.

Date: 1920s c.
A letter written by one of Angele Ellis' students in Lebanon to Angele Ellis circa 1920s.

Date: 1926-04-24
A citizenship record sent from Beirut, Lebanon to Angele Ellis while she awaited her paperwork to go through the American Consul in Marseille, France. This record was obtained by Mariam Hobeiche on behalf of Angele Ellis.

Date: 1930s c.
A holy card with a depiction of Mary and Jesus and a prayer from the Maronite Mass. Signed by John A Duffy, Bishop of Buffalo, New York circa 1930s.

Date: 1949 c.
A card containing a photograph of Angele, Alfreda, and Kail Ellis. The photograph was taken for a passport around 1949.

Date: 1950s c.
A letter sent from Carthage, New York describing Yousef Hobeiche [spelled Yousef Nema Ghalib Hobeich] as receiving Power of Attorney circa 1950s.

Date: 1953-12-10
An envelope addressed to Angel Ellis, 514 West Street, Carthage, N. Y., U. S. A., dated 10 December 1953. Sent from Ghazir, Lebanon by Airmail. Contains one Lebanese stamp.

Date: 1958-09-10
A Written Prayer, 1958 September 10

Date: 1959-12-29
A Christmas card from George (last name unknown) to Kail Ellis, dated 29 December 1959. Sent from Baabda, Lebanon with a photograph Jupiter Temple's Pillars of Baalbek, Lebanon.

Date: 1960-02-08
A letter from Toufic's cousin (unknown) to Toufic Ellis, dated 8 February 1960.

Date: 1962-01-14
A letter from an unknown writer, likely a member of Yousef Hobeiche's family in Lebanon, to Kail Ellis, dated 14 January 1962.

Date: 1962-06-03
A funeral notice for Yousef el Khazen, dated 3 June 1962.

Date: 1963-02-09
An ordination cloth embroidered with the words, 'In happy memory of my ordination to the sacred priesthood. Reverend Alfred Joseph Ellis, O. S. A.' Embroidered grapes and chalice are in the center, dated 9 February 1963.

Date: 1966-01-27
A postcard from Shukran (no surname) addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Toufic Ellis and Family, 514 West Street, Carthage, N.Y.,, dated 27 January 1966. Sent from Hallandale, Florida with one American stamp.

Date: 1966-08-29
A stamped postcard from unknown to Angele Ellis, dated 29 August 1966. Postcard depicts the Federal Reserve Bank Building in Buffalo, New York.

Date: 1970s c.
A letter from unknown author to Angele Ellis circa 1970s. Letter is missing pages.

Date: 1972-02-10
A postcard from [unsigned] to Toufic Ellis, dated 10 February 1972. 'Weather is bad. Don't send newspapers. We received a letter form Agnese today'.

Date: 1972-08-24
A letter from Toufic's cousin to Toufic Ellis, dated 24 August 1972.

Date: 1973-12-26
An envelope addressed to Miss Alfreda T. Ellis, dated 26 December 1973. Sent from Ghazir, Lebanon by Airmail. Contains two Lebanese stamps featuring old Lebanese costumes and artisans.

Date: 1974-04-18
A letter and stamped envelope from Toufic's cousin addressed to Toufic Ellis, dated 18 April 1974. Sent from Mazraat Kfardebian, Lebanon by Airmail. Contains three Lebanese stamps depicting Lebanese artisans and costumes.

Date: 1975-03-25
A letter from Angele Ellis's cousin, unknown, to Angele Ellis, dated 25 March 1975.

Date: 1976-02-29
A photocopy of a funeral notice for Zod Nicola Ghazin el Khazen, dated 29 February 1976.

Date: 1976-10-27
A letter to Kail Ellis from unknown, dated 27 October 1976.
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