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Date: 1940s
A photograph of a middle-aged woman standing outside on concrete, in front of a tree and beside a car, a two story house in the background

Date: 1950s
A photograph of Margaret Oussani standing on a sidewalk, line of trees in the background

Date: 1950s
A photograph of a woman and Dorothy Fuleihan standing outside in front of a tree

A photograph of a yard with a large flower bush, perhaps roses, and trees.

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Date: 1982
A photograph of two older ladies standing outside in 1982, labeled on back as Louisa F, referring to Louisa Fuleihan. Nayla Fuleihan

A photograph of a young girl standing outside in the yard behind a house, a woman just out of the frame

A photograph of two chairs outside on a lawn surrounded by treeline

A photograph of trees with a road running through middle of photo

A photograph of a man wearing a suit standing on a rock structure in a forest
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