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Date: 1990s
A letter of thanks to the donors of the Cultural and Historical committees of the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs dated 1990s.

A thank you note from Pastor Bernard C. Khachan to Kamal Antone for his gift toward St. George's Maronite Church dated September 13, 1977.

A letter of thanks from Lloyd P. Fadrique to Kamal Antone for the Kahlil Gibran 1978 Diary dated October 5, 1977.

A letter of thanks from Kamal Antone to Edward C. Davis, the General Manager of the Lamar Hotel, for housing Mr. Abide the week prior dated January 30, 1978.

Date: 1953-11 c.
A letter written by a representative of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch Maronites in Lebanon to Angele Ellis thanking her for a donation, unsigned and undated but likely circa November 1953.
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