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Date: 1951
Mary Rabil standing on the sidewalk in front of Ed's Cafe in Smithfield, North Carolina.

Date: 1956
Mitchell Rabil sitting on a coup holding his toddler son Carter.
Carter Rabil_MITCHELL_CARTERRABIL,1956_wm.jpg

A snapshot portrait of Charlie Abed outside in an unidentified location.
Abed_Charlie 2003_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A picture of a smiling Charlie Abed.

Date: circa 1991
A picture of Susan and Charlie with their four children--Mira, Erica, Richard, and Sasha--as toddlers.
Abed_with four kids_undated_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
Houda's uncle, sitting with an unidentified woman, in Ras Beirut House, Lebanon.
bracewell-uncle in beirut-wm.jpg

Date: August 2000
A photograph of, from left to right, Sasha Yehya, Georgina Ishak, Amira Ishak, Youssef Ishak, Joanna Yehia and Karmina Ishak. Taken in Arz (Cedars of Lebanon).
Ishak_Climbing Mtn-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph, taken in Terbol, Lebanon, of Amira, Elias, and Georgina Ishak.
Ishak_Man with Two Girls-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of Jean and Georgina Ishak, the two facing camera, and others getting on or off of a small boat. Taken in Binesha, North Lebanon.
Ishak_On a Boat 2-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of, left to right starting with girl in pink, Sara Ishak, Rima Ishak, Amira Ishak, Tony Mahfouz, Georgina Ishak, Karmina Ishak. Taken at Tayta Karime and Jiddo Yaacoub Ishak's home in Terbol, North Lebanon.
Caption: "Aunt, Uncle,…
Ishak_Uncle and Aunt with Girls-wm.jpg

Date: August 2000
A photograph, starting with girl in front, Joanna Yehia, Youssef Ishak, Merchant selling nuts from his car, Doumit Ishak, Karmina Ishak, Sasha Yehya. Taken at The Arz, Lebanon.
Ishak_Unpacking Car-wm.jpg

Date: circa 1960s
A photograph of an adult, labeled "Uncle Ibrahim," Ibrahim Itani, holding his nephew Moustafa Itani. Moustafa is one of Abdul Itani's younger brothers.

Date: 1975
A photograph of Moussa Domit (left) and Sam Saleh (center) with an unidentified woman, standing near a painting.
saleh_moussa and sam 1975.jpg

Date: 1979
A picture of Moussa Domit, brother of Cecilia Saleh, at the opening of the Neomonde Store in 1979.
saleh_uncle domit at neomonde opening 1979.jpg

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Raja Khalifah at work. Though undated, this photograph was likely taken in the 2000s.

Date: circa 1950
Lucille and Taft George with their daughter, Marie, at the Carolina Cafe in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Date: 1981
A photograph of Noha and Chuck Nasrallah, taken in 1981 as they celebrated their engagement.

Date: Unknown
A photograph (damaged) of the cedars of Lebanon. The date of the photograph is unknown, but it was likely taken prior to Joseph El-Khouri's immigration to the United States in 1949.

Date: circa 1965
Family photo at the El-Khouri and Jabaley Father's Day Celebration in Andrews, North Carolina, 1965.
El-Khouri_Fathers Day Picnic 1965_5-1.jpg

Date: circa 1965
Family photo at the El-Khouri and Jabaley Father's Day Celebration in Andrews, North Carolina, 1965.
El-Khouri_Fathers Day Picnic 1965_7-1.jpg
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