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Date: Unknown
A photograph of Morgan Rabil, Carter Rabil's daughter, with John Watson.
Carter Rabil_JohnWatson_Morgan_wm.jpg

Date: circa 1970s
A photograph of David Itani as a teenager. The photograph is labeled "Itani, brother Moustafa, Uncle Kamel, and friends." It depicts a group of young people standing outdoors in Lebanon.

Date: circa 1956
A photograph of Nadia Itani with three of her children when they were very young. Clockwise from the top the image pictures: Nadia, Abed, Hoda, and Moustafa Itani.

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Abdul Itani's father, Khalil, with his older brothers. Khalil is located on the far right of the picture.
Abed Itani's father far right with brothers-wm.jpg

Date: circa 1960
This photograph depicts Nadia Itani with three of her children. Clockwise from top the individuals are: Nadia, Zouhair, Mirvat, and Nada.

A portrait photograph of Wadea (left) and Aelyas (right) Kassab.
Wadea, Aelyas Kassab_smwm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A color photograph of Helen Parker (middle) surrounded by her children: (in no order) Louis, Alma, Agnes, Lillian, and Magdalen. Though undated, the photograph may have been taken in the 1970s.
Findlen_unidentified group of people_wm.jpg

A photograph of a young woman named Rosemarie posing with a flower in her hair

A candid photograph of a man sitting in a chair and laughing

Postcard photograph with a group of men and horses on the front, labled as 'Groupe de Bedouins"

An envelope for pictures from Willoughby's store, with "Hastings pictures and that period" written on it by hand

A photograph of a steam ship at dock with a city in the background, water in the foreground

A photograph of water flowing with land in the distance, probably a large river

A photograph of water flowing with land in the distance, probably a large river

A photograph of a cityscape across a body of water

A photograph of three corinthian columns

A photograph of an arch over a roadway, tower to the left, people and cars visible


A photograph of a boat on shore with a large stone wall behind it

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A photograph of an older woman, possibly Nasri Fuleihan's mother Yasmine Fuleihan

Close photograph of a flower


A photograph of a large family, including Isabel Oussani, Neville Fuleihan, Dorothy Fuleihan, Margaret Oussani, Nasri Fuleihan, Anis Fuleihan and others.

A photograph of two women standing in the doorway of the Oussani family mausoleum

A photograph of several framed photos on a table in front of an alter, likely at a church. The images all include Isabel Oussani as this was likely for her funeral.

Date: 1985
A photograph of a group of people, not including "Iz," taken in 1985

Date: 1984
A photograph of Raymond Fuleihan, taken 1984
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