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Ellis Moses standing in front of a bench.

Ellis Moses sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of the 608 N. Alachua St. Moses home in Lake City, Florida.

Portrait of Ellis Moses in a white shirt and hat. This item is similar to Moses2019021, Moses2019022, Moses2019023, and Moses2019139.

Romey women, likely Leila (left) and Emeline (right). A notation on the back says "Emeline, Leia, Lucille, Romey - not sure".

Date: 1928
A photograph of an apartment building in Bermuda

The original structure of Epiphany Catholic Church in Lake City, Florida. An inscription on the back says, "Epiphany Catholic Church Catholic Church Lake City, FL". The handwriting of the frist three words appears different than that of the last…

A group photograph of six people outside, caption on the back says " Gladys (?) and "

Fannie Johns Moses standing by a tree in front of a white picket fence. Another version of this photo is Moses2019015.

Fannie Johns Moses standing by a tree in front of a white picket fence. A notation on the back reads, "Mother (sweet face)/ pretty dress". Another version of this photo is Moses2019039.

Fannie Johns Moses spraying water from a hose.

Date: 1959
A copy of a photo of Fannie Johns Moses with three young grandchildren on the porch. The photo was developed in September 1959.

Date: 1953
Fannie Johns Moses (left) with Norman Kim Moses (infant) and godfather Alphonso DeSalvio at Kim's baptism circa 1953 in Rome, New York.

Date: 1948
Fannie Johns Moses holding her granddaughter, Sandra Moses, child of Norman, 1948. The back of the photo reads "Sandra - 4 wks old w/ Grandma Moses".

Fannie Johns Moses holding her grandchild, either Norman Kim Moses or Sandra Moses.

Fannie Johns Moses outside with grandaughter Janet Moses (daughter of Noidrie Sr. and Juanita) and two other children, circa 1950s.

Date: 1948
A copy of a photograph of the Moses girls. Left to Right: Helen Moses Bishop, Amelia Moses Castsines, Sally Moses Barnes, with Fannie Johns Moses seated in front. A notation on the back of the photo copy says "1948." A yellow note from Sandra Moses…

Date: 1920s
A photograph of a group of people, three men and two men, formally dressed, standing inside by a window

Date: 1960s
A picture of a group of men, including Anis Fuleihan and John Vassos, sitting around a table discussing in front of a Live Oak Tree

Date: 1910s
A photograph of a group of four men standing and sitting around a small room

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Date: 1930
A photograph of a group of the Fuleihan and Oussani families sitting together near dune at the beach with woods behind them


Date: 1902
A photocopy of a photograph of a large family, labeled as "from left to right: Top Row: Nasri, Najla, George, Bottom Row: Anis, Michael (Mickey) on Yasmine's Lap, Louisa, Selma, Milhelm, and Miropi. Taken in 1902"

Date: 1943
A photograph of the Fuleihan Family, Nasri, Isabel, Dorothy, and Neville, dated 1943, at Mt. Pocono

George Castrinos on the porch of 608 N. Alachua St., Lake City, Florida, circa 1940s.

Date: 1946
A photograph of Gladys and Dotty Oussani at the centennial

A woman, possibly Gladys Holmes Oussani with a baby near a car.
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