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Date: 1915-1917
A bound photobook belonging to Margaret Oussani containing photographs of various Oussani family members in California and New York, hiking, swimming, at the beach.

Amelia Moses Castrinos (right) and possibly her sister Bessie Moses

Date: 1968
A photograph of Anis Fuleihan sitting on a couch, labeled at top "Dec 68"

Date: 1940s
A photograph of Anis Fuleihan standing beside a camera

Date: 1940s
A photograph of Anis Fuleihan standing beside a camera

A photograph of an arch over a roadway, tower to the left, people and cars visible


Date: 2000s c.
An article written by Kail Ellis on Dr. Hadia Harb, the translator of many of the letters to Angele Ellis from the Ellis collection. Dr. Hadia Harb is pictured with Nasser Chour in Qattine, Lebanon, undated.

Postcard photograph with a group of men and horses on the front, labled as 'Groupe de Bedouins"

Date: 1968
A photograph of a woman wearing a white wedding dress and holding a bouquet in Beirut, 21 Jan 1968

The Castrinos family from left to right - Louis, George, Amelia, Nick, and unknown, Little Amelia Castrinos - daughter of Louis - and Kathrine Castrinos

Date: 1950s c.
A Christmas Card with a portrait of Angele Ellis inside

Close photograph of a flower


A photograph of three corinthian columns

Date: 1920s
A photograph of a young couple, male and female, with a young child

Date: 1962
A photograph of an older couple sitting outside on a porch, taken June 1962

A photograph of four women, including Dodo Shea, sitting in rocking chairs outside

A photograph of a group, two women and a man, posing in a circle

A photograph of four women posing together

A photograph of dog, labeled on the back as 'Laddy'

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Date: 1940
Picture of Dorothy Fuleihan standing in front of fountain with doodles drawn over the picture. Taken at the NY World's Fair, 1940. Another unaltered photograph is in the colleciton.


Date: 1939
A photograph of a young woman sitting on a set of brick stairs leading to a door, labeled as "Me 1939" in Yonkers, NY

Date: 40s-50s
A photograph of a young lady, Dorothy Fuleihan, inside a building leaning against a window

Date: 1928
A photograph of Dorothy Fuleihan, Leonard Oussani with young boy outside, smiling

Date: 1946
A photograph of a young Dotty Oussani, dated 7 July 1946, holding a balloon

Date: 1911
Portrait of the Moses family circa 1911. Left to right: Bessie Moses, Fannie Johns Moses, Amelia Moses, Ellis Moses. Amelia Moses was born in August of 1911. A yellow note attached says "Standing is Bessie Baby in lap is Amelia." The note was likely…
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