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Date: July 1921
Passport for Saada Owen [Aoun] [50] who was accompanied by her 2 children Afife [15] and Michael [14]. They were from Lebanon. The passport was issued on May 7, 1921, and used to travel to the United States via France shortly thereafter.

Date: 1960s
Charlie Abed's passport dating from his childhood, during which he was sent from his birthplace in Kano, Nigeria, to attend boarding school in Lebanon.
Abed_childhood passport.pdf

Date: 1981
Charlie Abed's passport dating from the 1980s, covering his immigration to the United States.
Abed_passport_young adulthood.pdf

Date: October 1912
An Ottoman passport for Elias Dighar [Daguer] in Arabic and French issued on October 12, 1912. It states that he is 18 years old, his birthdate, December 25, 1895, written in pencil. His father is listed as Abrahim Daguer and his destination is given…

Date: 1920
French Republic passport for Elias Shakkal issued May 10, 1920. It states that he was born in Aleppo [Alep], lived in Beirut, and was travelling to the U.S. He was not accompanied by anyone else.

Date: 1920
A French Republic passport from Beirut, Syria, for Emilie Soliman listing her age as 18 years. It states that she was born in Beirut, her nationality was Syrian, and that she was travelling to Lawrence, MA in the U.S. She was not accompanied by…

Date: 1928
A passport, mostly in French and Arabic, issued to Irene Mikhail Parapano, resident at Cairo, Egypt

Date: 1920
International passport of Lamià Boustani [Lamya Bastany], issued in 1920. On the back it is stamped by the American Consulate in Beirut and signed by Frederick Bird on October 30, 1920. Lamia was originially from Lebanon and was born in 1903. It…

Date: July 1921
An immigration passport, produced by the Department of Public Security, Ministry of the Interior, in Egypt on July 2, 1921. The document allows Michel Bistany to travel from Cairo, where he had been living though he was born in Lebanon, to the United…

Date: 1904
From Trey Matthews: "Passport Application for George Joseph Safy dated 6 Aug 1904. Birth date listed as 4 Jan 1877 in Syria. Year of arrival listed as 1894. Witnessed by Salim B. Nofal."
U.S. PassportApplication - George J Safy - 1904_wm.jpg

Date: 1968-05
A passport issued to Kail Claude Ellis (spelled Kalil) from the United States of America. Contains a passport photograph of Kail Ellis, dated 7 May 1968. Passport binding was tight and not all pages could be scanned.

Date: 1973-07-05
A passport issued to Kail Claude Ellis (spelled Kalil) from the United States of America. Contains a passport photograph of Kail Ellis., dated 5 July 1973.

Date: 1925-05-23
A passport for Toufic Tarrad Ellis (spelled Toufee Tarrad Ellis), dated 23 May 1925.

Date: 1914-06-06
A passport Number 1475 from the Ottoman Empire for Toufic Kmeid (spelled Toufik Kemaide in document), dated 6 June 1914.

Date: circa 1913
Passport for Rashid Abdelnour, valid for one year. The name on the passport is Rashid Elias Mawad. The travel date is listed as October 27, 1913 and the arrival as November 14, 1913. Within it is written that his age was 18, his father's name was…

Date: 1972
Sam Saleh's Lebanese identification documents and photograph.

A passport for Deebey [Dibio] Sofeir (11 years old) and brother Saabeh Sofeir (9 years old), issued by The Department of Public Security in Egypt and containing a photograph of the children. It contains a number of stamps indicating that the children…
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