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Date: May 3, 1984
The biography and obituary of "Ike" Isaac, brother of Rose Isaac El-Khouri, first published in The Citizen Advance. (Folder 12-50)
Khouri 12-50 Obit_wm_fixed.pdf

Date: July, 2009
An obituary for William Jabaley (December 12, 1919-July 11, 2009), brother-in-law of Rose Isaac El-Khouri.
El-Khouri_William Jabaley Obit 2009_printed 2014_ocr_wm.pdf

The obituary for Joseph Isaac, brother of Rose Isaac El-Khouri, who passed away on August 23, 2004.
El-Khouri_Joseph Isaac Obit 2004_printed 2014_ocr_wm.pdf

Date: 2015 July
A newspaper article about the death of Doris B. Ellis on 13 July 2015

Date: 2007 May
The obituary for Magdalen Parker Mileski, written and published after her death on May 11, 2007.

Date: 2007 June 4
A newspaper article published after the death of Magdalen Parker Mileski. The piece is a remembrance of her many years of teaching and the influence she had on her former students as a demanding, yet kind, high school English teacher. The article…

Date: 2005 May 11
The eulogy given by Edward W. Najam, Jr., the son of Agnes Parker Najam and Edward W. Najam, following his father's death. Edward Najam, Jr., describes his father's character, faith, and keen intellect, as well as the loving relationships that he had…

Date: 2005 May 10
The obituary for Edward W. Najam, published on May 10, 2005, in the Herland-Times of Bloomington, Indiana. Najam was the husband of Agnes Parker Najam.

Date: 1986 Sept
A typewritten obituary for Mary Farfour Rabil, who died in September 1986 at the age of 99.

Date: 1974 August
A laminated memorial obituary for Leonard J. Oussani, dated August 1974.

Date: 1971
An article from the Jacksonville Daily News describing the joint resolution to honor the memory of the late Albert Ellis during the first meeting of the 1971 North Carolina General Assembly.

Date: 1970 October
Anis Fuleihan's Obituary in the New York Times. "Anis Fuleihan, 70, Musician, Is Dead," includes an image of Anis.

Date: 1970 October
Anis Fuleihan's Obituary in the New York Times. "Anis Fuleihan, 70, Musician, Is Dead," includes an image of Anis.

The cover and necrology section of the January 1970 issue of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill's Alumni Review. Albert Ellis's obituary is in the center of the middle column.

An article published in a Catholic newspaper remembering the late Albert Ellis and his last speech at the Knights of Columbus meeting.

An article published in the Camp Lejeune Globe newspaper concerning the contributions made by the late Albert Ellis to the USO, dated December 19, 1969.

A description of Albert Ellis's funeral at the Infant Child of Prague Catholic Church published in the Wilmington Morning Star newspaper, December 17, 1969.

A copy of the eulogy given by Father Newman of Our Lady of Mercy Church for the late Albert Ellis.

An obituary for Albert Ellis published in the Raleigh News and Observer on December 15, 1969.

An article from the Jacksonville Daily News describing the contributions that Albert Ellis made to his community before his death.

A small article from the Jacksonville Daily News asking the citizens of Onslow County to mourn the death of Albert Ellis by flying American flags at half staff.

A collection of Albert Ellis's obituaries that were printed in various North Carolina newspapers, photocopied.

Date: 1969
A card with a religious figure on the front and a simple prayer on the back dedicated to the memory of Margaret Oussani (1915-1969) produced by Dorney and Farlinger Chapel, Monterey, California.

Newspaper article from August 27, 1964, concerning the death and funeral of Shikrallah Farris. Farris died from a sudden heart attack on August 21, 1964. The article provides a photograph of Farris, a brief biography of Farris, an account of his…
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