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Date: 1986 Dec
Letter and envelope addressed to Genevieve [Norman] Joseph (envelope also addressed to her husband, Charles Joseph) from [Gerda?] and family. Return sticker names John J. Callahan of Monrovia, California.

Date: 1992 Apr 5
Program booklet for "Oriental Moods," a dance performance sponsored by Ahlam. Event program includes dances performed by members of the Mitchel Kaltsunas Ensemble.

Date: 1992 Apr 5
Flyer for an Oriental Dance Workshop and performance in Andover, Massachusetts.

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Date: undated
Flyer for an event at the Albany Law School Women's Building titled "Women Alive III: A Multicultural Performance."

Date: circa 1980s
Article titled "The Other Anti-Semitism: The Arab as Scapegoat" in ADC Issues No. 3 from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. The article discusses the development of anti-Semitism in Germany and compares it to the rise of anti-Arab…

Date: circa 1980s
Article titled "The Influence of the Arab Stereotype on American Children" in ADC Issues No. 2 from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. The article discusses multiculturalism in the United States and the difficulties faced by…

Date: 1984 Jan
Article titled "Cruel and Unusual: Negative Images of Arabs in Popular American Culture" in ADC Issues No. 19 from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Split into sections about songs, jokes, television, cartoons, movies, and comics, the…

Date: undated
Special issue of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee editorial ADC Reports. After two introductory articles, the special issue describes 11 unique communities of Arab-Americans across the United States.

Date: 1947 Aug 1
Studio portrait of Beatrice Ann Joseph as a baby.


Date: 1942 Oct 18
Postcard featuring a studio photograph of Rose Nader Norman wearing a suit, sitting in a chair, and smoking.

Date: 1931 July 14
Studio portrait of a man mounted in a cardstock frame. Caption in Arabic.


Date: undated
Portrait of Sam and Rose Norman at their wedding.

Date: 1992
Flyers and other information for events featuring performer Karen Barbee during the year 1992.

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Date: 1992 Oct 17
Program booklet for "A Night at the Casbah," an event sponsored by Azziza Productions. Includes advertisements related to dance.

Date: 1992 Sep 22
Correspondence from Azziza Productions to Genevieve R. Joseph regarding the performance of "A Night at the Casbah" in Boston, Massachusetts. Includes a preview of the show lineup and a diagram of the venue floor plan.

Date: 1992 October
Flyer announcing the return of Mahmoud Reda as well as a brief biography of him and a calendar of events for his workshop. Includes handwritten notes on dance steps.

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Date: 1955 Jan
Letter and envelope sent to Sleiman Shamoun in Poughkeepsie, New York, from a cousin in Beirut on account of their grandmother's death.

Date: 1968 Dec
Letter and envelope sent to Charles Joseph and Genevieve Norman Joseph in Poughkeepsie, New York, from their niece, Badiha, in Lebanon.

Date: undated
Envelope addressed to Genevieve [Norman] Joseph in Poughkeepsie, New York, from her Badiha Merheb in Lebanon. Also includes a newspaper clipping of Genevieve's recent marriage to Charles Joseph. Date on envelope illegible.

Date: 1968 March
Photograph of Beatrice and Frank Duda standing with Linda Bolde, Lorice Bolde, and Bill Bolde. Linda was one of Beatrice's bridesmaids

Date: 1968 Sep
Letter and envelope from Badiha Merheb in Byblos to Genevieve [Norman] Joseph in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Date: 1994 Mar 5
Event program for the 1994 Hudson River Dance Festival, in which Yallah Dance Ensemble performed. Sponsored by the Capital Ballet Company of Albany, New York, the festival included guest dance companies Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company, The Irish…

Pamphlet for an event arranged by the Capital District for Palestinian Rights in Albany, New York. Pamphlet contains information about the event program as well as a timeline of Palestinian Committee Activities.

Date: 1948 Nov 23
Certificate of Marriage from St. Mary's Church of Poughkeepsie, New York, certifying the marriage of Sam Norman and Beatrice [illegible] on October 7th, 1923. Beatrice was a legal name of Rose Nader. Certificate dated from 1948. Also included in an…

Date: 1992 July
Flyer for a dance seminar and performance titled "Eastern Veils and Island Leis" in Groton, Massachusetts.
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