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Date: Unknown
A photo of Joseph El-Khouri and his daughter Catherine. (Folder 11-4)
Khouri 11-4 Photo_wm.tif

Date: circa 1960
This photograph depicts Nadia Itani with three of her children. Clockwise from top the individuals are: Nadia, Zouhair, Mirvat, and Nada.

Date: circa 1956
A photograph of Nadia Itani with three of her children when they were very young. Clockwise from the top the image pictures: Nadia, Abed, Hoda, and Moustafa Itani.

Date: July 2000
A photograph, taken in Terbol, Lebanon, of Amira, Elias, and Georgina Ishak.
Ishak_Man with Two Girls-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of Amira and her uncle, Youssef Ishak.
Ishak_Daughter with Relative-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of Rima (aunt) and Amira (neice) Ishak taken in Jabal Terbol, North Lebanon.
Ishak_Aunt and Niece-wm.jpg
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