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Date: 1921 Sept 7
A school record for James Hassey issued on September 7, 1921, that lists his date of birth as February 7, 1907, and residence as 369 Chestnut St. It details his studies as a regular course at the Tarbox School with his last grade completed as the…

Date: 1918 Nov 13
A school record for James Dowaliby created on November 13, 1918. It states that he was born November 12, 1904. The record lists his residence as 53 White St., his parent as Ameen Dowaliby, and school as Tarbox School, and confirms his last grade…

This school record for James Arrajj lists his date of birth as October 5, 1908, and residence as 292 Oak St. It was signed by D. Callahan, principal of the Tarbox School in Lawrence, on September 10, 1924.

Date: 1919 Jan 17
A school record for M. J. Rizgalla created on January 17, 1919. It indicates that they were born October 15, 1904, and resided at 500 Common St. It lists information about their studies at Warren Street School in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Date: 1930 Sept 4
A school record for William Farris, created on September 4, 1930. It indicates that he was born March 29, 1916, listing William's residence as 592 Andover St., his father's name as Joseph Farris, and other information about his studies at Welherbee…

Date: circa 1926
A school record for Rose Kanan listing her age as 17 and last grade completed as the 5th, at Wetherbee School.

Date: 1941
A portrait photograph of Joseph Zaytoun during his time at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1941. He is wearing a light-colored, striped suit with a dark-colored patterned tie.

Date: 1936
A New Bern High School monogram certificate awarded to Joseph Zaytoun for superior work in football from 1936 to 1937. Signed below by Coach Frank J. Alkston and Principal J.M. Shields.
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