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Date: 1920 Sept 9
A letter written by Mary E. Leary, Principal at the Amesbury Street School, on September 9, 1920. It certifies that Najeeb [likely James] Kalil was born on September 20, 1904, and enrolled in school on September 11, 1911.

Date: 1953
A letter from Anis Fuleihan at American University in Beirut, Lebanon, to Frank and Dorothy O'Keefe in Bronxville, NY.

Date: 1914 May 13
A writing sample proving that Annie O'Hanian can read, write, and speak English well. Signed by Anna A. Murphy, a teacher at the Special School, on May 13, 1914.

A letter by E. Butterfulk, Superintendent of Schools in Dover, New Hampshire, addressed to the Truant Officer and written on April 15, 1913. It indicates that the incorrect baptism was sent for George Gald (Galab)--Eugene Rabil's papers had been…

Date: 1923 Feb 27
A record, handwritten by Francis Hogan on February 27, 1923, confirming the Continuation School's grant of permission for Fred Dowaliby to go to work.

Date: 1916 Sept 22
A school record for Effie Jawdy created on September 22, 1916. It lists her birthdate as April 22, 1902, and residence as 284 Chestnut St. The document lists Effie's parent as Solomon Jawdy and school as Cross Street School.

Date: circa 1922
This record kept track of the admission, discharge, and promotion of students in the elementary school system. This document provides information about Alice Assaf including date and place of birth--March 5, 1904, in Lawrence, MA--name of parent,…

Date: undated
This handwritten note, signed by Margaret S. Brown, Principal of the Cross Street School, confirms that according to the records of the school Joseph Akey's birthdate as January 25, 1906.

A school record from the Franklin Street School, listing Michael Baider's date of birth as November 2, 1905. It shows his residence as 137 Valley St., father's name as Alexander Baider, location of school as Manchester, New Hampshire, and information…

A writing sample for Emily Hatem, proving her ability to read and write from dictation. Signed by Gertrude L. O'Connell on March 20, 1911.

Date: 1916 June
A school record for Michael Habre created in June of 1916. It certifies that he was born on September 5, 1902. It lists Michael's residence as 9 Pine St. and the name of his parent as Fareeda (Haseeda) Habre. It also provides information about…

A school record from the Hampshire Street School for Beshara Aboud listing his date of birth as January 20, 1894 and residence as 325 Oak St. The record was filled out by a teacher, Anna C. Lane, and approved by the principal, E.F. Hutchinson, on…

Date: 1945 Sept 25
Two school records for Victoria Zarzour produced on September 25, 1945. They indicate her birthdate as October 29, 1930, and residence as 319 Lowell St. They list information about her studies at Lawrence High School and list her mother's name as…

Date: 1936 Sept 18
A school record for William Saba created on September 18, 1936. It indicates that he was born October 3, 1921, and resided at 6 Wells St. It lists information about his studies at Lawrence High School and lists his father's name as Michael Saba.

Date: 1932 April 8
A school record for Mary Nassif, born February 1, 1917, and residing at 369 Elm St. It details her studies at Lawrence High School and lists her father's name as Assad Nassif. The record was stamped by L.J. O'Leary of the Lawrence High School on…

Date: 1921 Sept 9
A school record for Katherine Maloof created on September 9, 1921. It indicates that she was born April 8, 1916, and resided at 40 Valley St. The record details information about Katherine's studies at Lawrence High School and names her father as…

Date: 1930 Jan 9
A school record for Josephine Maloof, born May 30, 1916, resident of 468 Hampshire St. The record was created on January 9, 1930. It lists information about Josephine's studies at Lawrence High School and lists her mother as Mrs. Sadie.

Date: 1935 Sept 23
A school record for Adele Macoul, born January 12, 1920, residence at 370 1/2 Elm St. The record details information about Adele's studies at Lawrence High School. Her father's name was Nassif Macoul.

Date: 1919 Dec 12
A school record for Gabriel Joseph created on December 12, 1919. It indicates Joseph's birthdate as December 10, 1904, and residence as 201 Broadway St. It lists his father as Abraham Joseph. It provides information about his studies at the Lawrence…

Date: 1924 Nov
A record for Nassef Haddad, born February 2, 1910, detailing his school record. Filled out by Lawrence High School, it provides the name of Nassef's father, Abraham, and residence, 281 Hampshire Street.

A letter, written by G. L. Mulhare, headmaster at Lawrence High School, on March 16, 1944, certifying Lewis A. Corey's birthdate as April 28, 1929.

This record identifies the school history of George Assad, born May 17, 1917. It lists George's residence as 368 1/2 Elm St. and his father as Charles Assad. It was filled out on November 1, 1932, and signed by L.J. Leary.

Date: 1913 Aug 19
A Minor's Certificate of Literacy for Mary Sign created on August 19, 1913. It indicates that she lived at 99 Valley St., was more than 16 years old, and was born December 28, 1894, in Syria. It also confirms that she could read and write legibly. On…

Date: 1913 Jan 30
A school record produced by the Special School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on January 30, 1913, written by Rachel Haddad's step-mother, Annie Haddad, certifying her date of birth as December 25, 1897. The record provides other necessary information…

Date: circa 1922
A note written on letterhead from the Superintendent of Schools of Hudson, Hollis, Merrimack, Pelham, and Litchfield, New Hampshire, confirming that Dana Mansur attended 136 half days of school between September, 1921, and June 16, 1922.
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