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Date: April 1923
A physician's certificate of age for George Yesbick, issued on April 3, 1923 and certifying his birth on March 13, 1907.

Date: June 1913
An inspection card for Efenkehi Bahia produced on June 7, 1913 in Marseille, France. It includes an indication of faccination and a pink ticket for the S.S. Roma of the Fabre Line.

Date: Unknown
A physician's certificate of age for Joseph Shaheen, confirming his date of birth as December 21, 1897.

Date: circa 1914
A physician's certificate of age for Joseph Shaheen, confirming his date of birth as July 15, 1900.

Date: June 1923
A physician's certificate of age for Saba Sfier created on June 8, 1923. It confirms their date of birth as June 8, 1907 in Syria. It lists their address as 284 Elm St.

Date: June 1945
A promise of employment certificate for Edmund George Samra created on June 29, 1945. It confirms his employment for a Mrs. Pizeira [?] at 309 Essex St. The job description is "helping in the [illegible?] room." On the back is a signed physician's…

A physician's certificate of age for Karim Saliba issued on September 11, 1922. It lists Karim's residence as 358 Elm St. an dconfirming their age as at least 16.

Date: Unknown
A physician's certificate of age for Harry Sabea, born December 1897.

Date: July 1919
A physician's certificate of health certifying that Joseph Romanus is older than 16 years old. It is signed and dated July 3, 1919 but otherwise not filled out.

Date: July 1918
A City of New York Department of Health record certifying that George Mussawir was born September 4, 1903, issued on July 19, 1918 and stamped by a medical doctor.

A physician's certificate for Salem Mansour created on September 27, 1920. It certifies his birth date as October 6, 1901. It lists his place of birth as Syria and residence as 215 Hampshire St.

Date: March 1914
A physician's certificate of age confirming that Charlie Kalil was at least 16 years of age at the time it was filled out, on March 12, 1914. It provides his date of birth, April 15, 1894, and residence, 397 Chestnut St.

Date: circa 1913
A certificate of age, signed by a physician, certifying that Toufick Hajjar is at least sixteen years of age. It lists his residence as Oak St.

Date: circa 1917
A certificate of age for Mary Hadid, signed by a physician, confirming her date of birth as February 28, 1900, residence as 182 Maple St., and age as at least sixteen.

Date: August 1910
A medical record issued through the City of Lawrence School Department certifying that Minem Jesser [Minem Jaser] is old enough and capable of working, signed by an examining physician on August 3, 1910. The record was originally pasted on to a…

Date: August 1916
A physician's certificate of age for Rose Hatem created in New Jersey and signed by a physician, August 7, 1916, confirming she was at least fourteen years of age.

Date: circa 1913
A physician's certificate of age for Adele Hassan Naoum, born March 21, 1897, listing her residence as Elm St.

Date: March 1906
This record, created at the Cross School in Lawrence, MA on March 5, 1906, details the health of Alice Assaf. It provides other information, including address, 397 Elm St., name of parents, Celia and Wadia, and occupation of parents, "jewelry" and…

Date: Unknown
This is record is a certificate certifying that Ayda Arrajj is older than sixteen years of age. It lists Ayda's date of birth as April 5, 1897 and was signed by M. Schawrtz, M.D. It also shows Ayda's address as 2 Bennington St.

Date: March 1914
Medical document for Yussif [illegible, Akroosh?] indicating the treatment of trachoma infection. The document also states that while it is given on board a ship it did not guarantee acceptance at either a boarding or landing port. It was signed in…

Date: Unknown
A Physician's Certificate signed by M. Shwartz, M.D., certifying that Toofic Abdo's age was at least sixteen. This record lists Abdo's residence at 393 Elm St., Lawrence, Massachusetts and place of birth as Syria.
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