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Date: circa 1935
A photograph of Freda and Shikery Salem sitting together on a front porch, presumably of their house in New Bern, North Carolina.

Date: Jan-62
A snapshot of Amelia and Joseph Salem, sitting together indoors.

Date: 1942
A portrait photograph of Joseph Salem and Amelia Wehbie at their wedding. Joseph is dressed in his military uniform.

Joe Salem photographed with his wife Amelia Wehbie sitting together dressed in their military uniforms. Joe was in Army intelligence and Amelia was in the Red Cross from 1942 to 1944. UniformSeatedcrop_wm.jpg

Wedding portrait of the parents of Anis Sawaya

A framed portait of Marta and Dr. Habib Sawaya in Bteghrine, Lebanon.

Photograph Mike Mettrey Wehbie and Mary Nehr Wehbie taken around 1906

Portrait of an older George and Nell Kahdy

Group photograph of George and Nell Kahdy's Wedding, taken 1944. Ten people surround the couple inluding Joe and Amelia Salem

Date: 1944
Photograph of George and Nell Kahdy holdings hands at their wedding, George is wearing his military uniform

Photograph of George and Nell Kahdy dancing at the Cedars Ballroom in Chapel Hill, NC with a band playing in the background.

Photograph of George Asaf Kahdy and Adma Sawaya Kahdy

Sepia photograph of Afifi Kahdy, sister of George Kahdy, who was married to Khalil. Text on the bottom of the image states, "My aunt- Afifi, Dad's Sister" and "Uncle Khalil- Peter's Brother"

Photograph of Dr. Anis Sawaya and Leila Seifert standing inside the Douma House. They are cousins to Barbara Kahdy Estes and were giving the tour of the Douma house.

An undated photograph of Joseph and Rose El-Khouri taken at their anniversary party. A young boy stands in front of Joe. Maroun and Rose Isaac4_wm.jpg

A photograph of Virginia Rabil Mansour and Ernest Mansour in a house with a Christmas tree in the background. The caption provided reads "Dad & Mom at Uncle Ern's."

Date: Unknown
Vera and Moise Khayrallah pose together for a photograph; Vera is wearing graduation robes and holding a diploma.

Date: Unknown
An undated photograph of Joseph and Rose El-Khouri, taken at Rose's birthday.
El-Khouri_Joseph Maroun and Rose Isaac3.jpg

Date: Unknown
An undated photograph of Joseph and Rose El-Khouri, taken during Christmas. Rose is displaying a jewelry set.
El-Khouri_Joseph Maroun and Rose Isaac1.jpg

Date: 2010
A newspaper article about Joseph and Rose El-Khouri's relationship, on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary.
El-Khouri_Joseph Maroun and Rose Isaac Anniversary 2010_2_wm.pdf
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