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A letter to Joseph Zaytoun from Vernon Malone of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, thanking him for his participation on the Wake County Historic Preservation Commission.

Date: 1929-08-25
A telegram from The World to Ameen Rihani, dated August 25, 1929.

Date: 1941-06-08
A telegram, in its original envelope, from the quartermaster general of the US Army to Nasri Fuleihan requesting if he would accept a possible indefinite appointment as associate structural engineer, dated 8 June 1941, another slip of paper…

Date: 1937-01-25
A telegram from Najeeb Samra to Ameen Rihani, dated January 25, 1937.

Date: 1939-03-07
Telegram from Mrs. Isidor M. Golden to Ameen Rihani, dated March 7, 1939.

A telegram from M.C. Stewart to Ameen Rihani, undated.

Date: 1937-07-03
A telegram from Lutfi Sa'di to Ameen Rihani, dated July 3, 1937.

Date: 1937-01-15
A telegram from Fuad I. Shatara to Ameen Rihani, dated January 15, 1937.

Date: 1916-10-26
A telegram from Farris Marad to Ameen Rihani, dated October 26, 1916.

Date: 1916-10-27
A telegram from Farris Marad to Ameen Rihani, dated October 27, 1916.

Date: 1937-07
A telegram to Lutfi M. Sa'di from Ameen Rihani, dated July (no date), 1937.

A letter from Will S. Monroe to Ameen Rihani, undated.

Date: July 1929
A postcard from Salloum Mokarzel to his daughter Yemna Mokarzel. The lake depicted on the card is located in Portugal. The postcard is damaged, missing a corner. (Folder 2-1-3-9)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-9a Postcard_wm.jpg

Date: 1915-09-22
A letter from E. de Mulinen to Ameen Rihani, dated September 22, 1915.

Date: 1915-01-24
A letter from E. de Mulinen to Ameen Rihani, dated January 24, 1915.

Date: 1912-07-20
A postcard from E. de Mulinen to Ameen Rihani, dated July 20, 1912.

Date: 1922-01-23
A postcard from Ameen Rihani to Joseph Rihani, dated January 23, 1922. The front of the postcard has an image titled, "Achille riconosciuto da Ulisse" from the Napoli Museo Nazionale.

Date: 1910s
A photograph of a young woman named Najla Fuleihan, posing in a studio holding a flower, postcard on back addressed to her brother Nasri

A professional photograph of a man, "Carte Postale" written on back

Date: 1893
This is old Ottoman Turkish. A receipt of money paid by Joseph Oussani to [first name not clear] Rustum.

Date: 1951-11-18
A letter from Pvt. N. Fuleihan stationed at Camp Chaffee Arkansas to Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Keefe dated 18 November 1951. Another letter written in penci is included, but not dated.

A letter from E. U. Butterfield, Superintendent of Schools of Dover, New Hampshire, to Bernard Sheridan, Superintendant in Lawrence, Massachusetts stating that he is sending Najeb Mansur's birth certificate with the letter. The letter is dated…

Date: October 1912
A personal statement by Joseph Norsiff of Dover, New Hampshire, stating that Najeb E. Mansur was born November 17, 1895 and was christened at th e same time in Hamana Lebanon. The letter is typewritten, signed by both Norsiff and the State of New…

Date: 1970-09-20
A letter in an envelope addressed to Mary Oussani of Dobbs Ferry, NY, directing hate toward Mary, dated 20 September 1970

Letters from John Williams of the University of St. Joseph concerning the shipping of Mary's donation of the Mokarzel Library. (Folder 1-1-6-14)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-14 Letter_wm.pdf
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