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Date: 2014-12
A Christmas card from Delor Ellis to Theresa Ellis, dated December 2014.

Date: 1959-12-20
A Christmas card from George Tumeh to Kail Ellis titled, 'Lebanon -- The Cedars' with an image of a cedar tree covered in snow,, dated 20 December 1959.

Date: 1947
A Christmas card with picture of four children, listed as Amin, Ferad, Lanie, Nadir, and a note from them to their grandfather Daoud or David. Back of image says December 9, 1947 Photo Albert Beyrouth

Date: 1959
A Christmas card from Rosemarie and (illegible), who were married in 1959, includes two photos of Rosemarie

Date: 1936-12-15
A christmas card sent to Mrs. Oussani, postmarked 1936, still in original envelope. The card features a drawing of the pyramids in Egypt and says "Wishing You a Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year"

A Christmas Card signed by Leonard J. Oussani, featuring a photo of him
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