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The baptism certificate for Margaret (Peggy) Domit Moses, signed by the pastor, with the names of her family and sponsors.
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Date: March 1910
A letter from a priest, Abraham al Hage, stating that he consulted a copy of the record in the church George Abdalla was baptized in. Abdalla was baptized on May 12th, 1894 in Falougha, Lebanon. This letter was sent for Abdalla's employment and was…

Date: March 1910
Letter handwritten in Arabic by Father Khouri Ibraheem Najah, composed on March 20, 1910. It confirms the birth of George Abdalla in Mount Lebanon on May 12, 1894, based on the information recorded in the baptisim book (records) in the Roman…

Date: August 1920
A handwritten letter in Arabic composed by Khouri Yousuf Sharabiah on August 7, 1920. The letter confirms the baptism of Mansour Hanna Sulaiman on November 13, 1901, and his brother Abdallah Hanna Sulaiman on July 6, 1903 in Saydet El Maounet Church.

Date: August 1911
Handwritten letter in Arabic from Khouri Minas Kfouri, composed on August 9, 1911 The letter confirms the age of Yousuf Abdalla (16) based on the information mentioned in the baptism book (record), which gives his date of birth as January 1895.

A handwritten letter in Arabic, written by Father Yousef Mansour El-Khoury on November 18, 1912. It testifies to the birth of Saoud Abdallah. This record provides information about Saoud Abdallah, including place of birth, Ayn Assad, and date of…

Date: July 1911
Handwritten extract from a baptism register. It was copied on July 20, 1911 by the church Notre Dame du Secours [Our Lady of Help] in Sakiet-El-Misk, Lebanon. The baptism was of Kalil Constantin Aboud in July of 1895. He was the son of Constantin…

A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Kouri Youssef Awn on December 25, 1912, to confirm the birth of an individual whose name is illegible.

Date: June 1914
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Khouri Boutros (last name unclear) on June 14, 1914. The letter confirms the baptism of Tawfiq Abdo Jerjes Mahir on March 25, 1899, in St George's Church.

Date: June 1918
An Arabic letter, handwritten by Rev. G. Bostany on 25 June, 1918. Letterhead reads Rev. G. Bostany, Rector, St. Anthony's Church at 256 Elm St. It confirms the birth of Ogene Abdulla Al Siah on June 14, 1904 and relates that her baptisim occurred in…

Date: Unknown
Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khoury Youseef [unclear last name]. It was written to confirm baptism of George, son of Vilan Faris, on February 9, 1897. George's godfather was Ibraheem [last name unclear], and his godmother was Maryam, the…

Date: Unknown
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Silversteros Malouf. It confirms the baptism of Saada, whose father is Khalil Abi Salih of Shweer and whose mother is Rashida, daughter of Murad Akomi, on January 19, 1897, by Father Khouri Bartholomew…

Date: 1909
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Khouri Boutrus Najah Boutrus on July 5, 1909. It confirms the baptism of Beshara, son of (first name not clear) Elias Aboud in Saydet El Maounet Church on February 5, 1894. Beshara's godfather was his paternal…

A handwritten letter in Arabic and English, certifying Sadie Aboushan's age as 16 years and three months. The letter states that she was born on June 3, 1897 and was baptized on June 20, 1897. The letter also provides the name of Sadie's father,…

A handwritten letter in Arabic and English, certifying Olga Aboutaja's birthday as October 15, 1893 and baptism as November 26, 1893. The record also identifies her father as George Aboutaja and was signed by Rev. M. Kouri on November 27, 1909, from…

Date: June 1913
This letter, dated June 16, 1913, was handwritten by Father Georges Kallass. It confirms Najeeb Assad's birthdate as October 1896 and states that the Father performed his baptism at the St. Shalitah Church on October 23, 1896. It lists his father…

Date: October 1915
This letter certifies Eva Baddour's baptism date as February 15, 1899 in St. Romane's Church, Hammana, Syria. It was signed by Rev. Elias Hadshety on October 8, 1915.

Date: March 1911
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youhanna Maron (last name not clear) on March 25, 1911.It confirms the baptism of Rashid Maron Marie in 1894.

A handwritten letter in Arabic, with attached translation. A letter, written by Father Youssef Moussa, Pastor of Damascus, on November 17, 1908. It confirms the date of baptism of Ablain Boutros, son of Bouwakim Boutros, as October 20, 1894.

A letter, written by Priest Youseff Semaan on November 3, 1911, certifying Regina Dawood's baptism as October 30, 1896.

A certificate of baptism for Fred Dowaliby, produced by the Saint Charles Church of Dover, New Hampshire, on February 27, 1923. It confirms his birth date as March 3, 1907 and date of baptism as May 2, 1907. It lists his father's name as Elias…

Date: June 1910
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Nematallh Abi Lutfallah on June 25, 1910. It confirms the baptism of Martha Youssef Francis on January 6, 1895 by Father Thomas.

Date: March 1909
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youssef on March 27, 1909. Confirm the birtdate of Wada Youssed Farah on July 14, 1893, and baptism on August 9, 1893.

Date: June 1911
A handwritten letter from Rev. Moses Abihider, pastor of the Syrian Greek Orthodox Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on June 29, 1911. It certifies that Abraham Faris Abihider 's (AbiH-ider) birth place was Baskinta, Lebanon, and his date of baptism…

Date: June 1916
A baptismal record, issued by St. Anthony's Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts, confirming William (Welhem) Joseph Abe Ganem Farris's date of birth as March 29, 1916 and his date of baptism as June 4, 1916. It lists his father's name, Joseph Abe Ganem…
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