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Date: circa 1967
A poem written by Karim Maroon titled, 'Between Poverty and Wealth,' circa 1967.

Date: circa 1940s
A letter from Father Yousef to Angele Ellis circa 1940s.

Date: undated
A poem from an unknown author to Angele Ellis, undated.

A poem from unknown author to Angele Ellis, dated 23 September 1983.

Date: 1910
مجموعة من القصائدة الشعرية، النثرية في طابعها، التي نظمها الريحاني. تحتوي على: "النجوى" التي نظمها في الرياض عام 1923، و"الزعيم الشهيد" التي نظمها في الفريكة عام 1940 - وهي اخر ما كتبه الريحاني في الشعر.
وتذكر المصادر الخارجية ان مجموعة قصائد "هتاف…

Date: undated
This manuscript is an unpublished collection of poems and songs. It is split into two parts, the first featuring Arabic songs and poems and the second a collection of poems by Ameen Rihani titled "Waves of My Life." Posthumously published in 2009 as…

Date: undated
This manuscript is a discussion of Arabian poetry by Ameen Rihani. Within this careful analysis he discusses different aspects of the poetry and various important authors. PDF.pdf

Date: circa 1920
This manuscript by Ameen Rihani recalls the historic contributions of Arabia to Civilization and includes some of the poetry of Arabia. He begins with a brief history on Arabia it is also within this portion of the book that he includes poetry from… PDF.pdf
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