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Date: 1896
A letter in Arabic from Joseph Oussani in New York to his parents in Baghdad, Iraq telling them of his marriage to Irish-American Margaret Shea, dated 5 May 1896. Two photocopies of the original, a handwritten English translation by Leon Bushara,…

Date: 1896
A marriage certificate for John Oussani, only half of the document, dated May 1896

Date: 1950's
Wedding portrait of the parents of Anis Sawaya, Dr. Najib Sawaya and unknown woman.

Date: 1967
Barbara Estes stands outside in a long sleeved wedding dress. In her right hand she holds a small bouquet.

Date: 1985-07-10
A handwritten card from George Kahdy to his daughter Barbara Estes. In this card, he sends his congratulations after Barbara sent news that Jim Estes and her were to be married. He talks about the weather and the event that Nell Kahdy is putting…

Date: 2006
Mettrie's (daughter of Barbara Estes) wedding to John Lari as family members surround the couple in the middle. Caption on the back reads, "Barbara Kahdy Estes' daughter, Mettrie's wedding to John Lari", 2006
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