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Date: 1947
A white envelope that details that George A. Kahdy was in Lebanon sometime around 1947. It also mentions Nellie Kahdy's inability to join as she was pregnant with George and Georgette at the time, who were born on January 16, 1947. The note also…

Date: 1930-04-24
A Prince Line Passenger Ticket for Nasri Fuleihan for a first class sail from Port Said to New York dated 24 April 1930

Date: 1956-07
Barbara Kahdy waves as her siblings Georgette and George Kahdy Jr. stand next to her. Caption on the back states, "Away out in nowhere- On the Old Oregon Trail."

Date: 1956-07
George Kahdy Jr. stands by the side of a car and takes what the back of the photo describes as a "break." Caption on the back reads, "Oregon- George Jr. on the great desert. Time out for a little "break.'"

Date: 1950's
Mary Wehbie and two women wait on the deck of a boat as it goes through a drill. The back of the photo states, "Boat drill. Left to right, Jewish woman from Egypt, mother (Sittie Mary), and a woman from Hammarah"

Date: 1950's
Mary Wehbie and aunt Sultani standing next to each other as Mary Wehbie wraps her arm around aunt Sultani's shoulder. On the back of the photo, it reads, "Sittie Wehbie, mother and aunt Sultani. Sultani was Nell's aunt, her mother's sister. Taken in…

Date: 1950's
Mary Wehbie holding her coat and standing on the sidewalk of a busy street with stores and cars in the background. The back of the photo says, "Mother in Marseilles. Mary Wehbie Lebanon trip 1950s"

Date: 1954
Nell Kahdy stands outside and cooks breakfast for her family on a portable stove. In the distance stands a dense forest and mountains. Caption on the back reads, "Nell cooking breakfast on rd to Oregon 1954."

Date: 1951
Young Barbara, George Jr., and Georgette Kahdy balance on the bumper of the car as they lean against the hood. In the background stands a forest and snow. The top of the photo states "Colorado- 51 Trip to Oregon. Barbara, George, Georgette."
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