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Date: 1944
Nell Mettrey sits with the students in the class of 1944 on a set of stairs. The photo notes that Nell is the teacher amongst the students, dated 1944.

Date: 1950's
As Nell Kahdy sits with a binder in her lap, George Jr. and Georgette Kahdy sit on both sides of her. In front of Nell Kahdy sits Barbara Kahdy who is reading "The Tale of the Crow" to all of them. Caption on the back reads, "Nell Kahdy teacher with…

Date: 1950's
Nell Kahdy sits down with a binder in her lap while Georgette, George Jr., and Barbara Kahdy surround her. George Jr. and Georgette are right next to her while Barbara Kahdy sits in front of her and reads "The Tale of the Crow" to them.

Date: 2001-2002
A signed holiday card from Barbara Estes' ESL class to Barbara Estes. This class is held at the Highlands Falls Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina. Caption on the back reads, "Barbara's ESL class of HFCC 2001-02."

Date: 1959-11-30
The News and Observer Article "Mother of Three Has Workable Philosophy", Raleigh, N.C, November 30, 1959
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