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Date: 1893
A letter to Joseph Oussani from his brother dated March 16, 1893 in Baghdad. Two handwritten English translations and a photocopy of the letter are included in the folder.

Date: 1893
The last paragraph of an Arabic letter from Thomas Oussani to his sons, Joseph and Yak. Another paragraph features a letter from John Oussani to brothers Joseph and Yak probably from the same letter, dated September 14, 1893 in Baghdad, Iraq. Two…

Helen Moses Bishop and Norman Moses on the sidewalk in front of a car, circa 1920s. The photo is confirmed by family members as a picture of Helen and Norman Moses. However on the back, white ink says "Ike Moses" and black or blue ink below says…

Moses sisters seated at a table circa 1970s. From left to right: Sally Moses Barnes, Helen Moses Bishop, and Amelia Moses Castrinos. "years past of your sisters - Love Helen".
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