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Letter to the "Outdoor Life" magazine to begin a subscription for a friend, Fred Woodring, from H. Neil Chistiansen.

Draft of handwritten letter to Fred about writer's inability to send owed $300 payment

Draft of a letter from H. Neil Chirstiansen about a car accident that Christiansen heard and responded to outside of his house on September 22, 1963.

A handwritten letter to Tommy describing gifts to Tommy and their potential future value. Thse gifts included a Eisenhower 1971 uncirculated dollar amd a cancelled envelope containing a letter sent to the U.S.S. Harrett that acknolwedged the safe…

Date: undated
Draft of a letter responding to a job posting for a writer in the L.A. Sunday Times from Feburary 4, 1962.

Date: undated
An unfinished letter draft to the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division in response to a request to fill out a questionaire regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act and the writer's brief association with the Good Humor…

Date: undated
Draft of a letter from actor Frank Lackteen to, then Screen Actors Guild president, George Chandler on his lack of pension and inability to find work and pay dues towards the guild.
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