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Date: 1965 May
A polaroid snapshot of the Khayrallah family with four children seated on the hood of a car. Note about photo reads, "Opel photo with family, dad's car, on which MK eventually learned to drive (MK second from left)."

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Date: 1975 July
The accompanying caption reads, "Costume photo of YWCA summer camp in [Beirut]. Moise Khayrallah was counselor. Enactment of wedding. (MK third from right)-1975."

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Date: 1977
A photograph of a teenaged Moise posing outdoors with his two friends from grade school during their three day hike through the Lebanese mountains.

Date: 1983
A portrait of Vera Tayeh and Moise Khayrallah at their wedding.

Date: 1983
An aerial shot of the guests at Moise Khayrallah and Vera Tayeh's wedding. The accompanying caption reads, "wedding photos of the entire village that came to watch their marriage-over 300 people attended the 'communal wedding.'"

Date: undated
A photograph of a young Vera wearing a hat and standing outdoors, possibly in Lebanon.
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