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Date: October 1913
Certificate of Vaccination for an 18-year-old immigrant given in Marseille, France, on October 1913. The name, written in pencil, is illegible. He departed from Beirut and arrived in Marseille. Created by the Messageries Maritimes a French shipping…

Date: July 1919
A promise of employment certificate for Gabriel Joseph to work at Wood Worsted Mill as a doffer, issued on July 15, 1919. On the reverse is a signed physician's certificate of health.

A promise of employment certificate for Effie Jawdy, certifying her employment at Prospect Mills as a Doffer. On the back is a physician's certificate of health, signed by a doctor M. Schwartz.

This record certifies Fred Aoun's employment as a stripping bobbin at Pacific Worsted Mill. It was filled out on September 5, 1916 and signed by M. J. Delaney, his employer. On the back is a Physician's Certificate of Health, signed by an M.…
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