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Date: 1982-02-15
A daily journal written by Angele Ellis, dated February 1982-1983.

Date: 1905-06-03
Angele Ellis' diary of the year 1981. It is a Khalil Gibran Diary For 1981 with a selection for each week from The Prophet and his other writings. Within the diary is also a letter to Angele Ellis from Badia Yara.

Date: 1905-04-18
A journal from Angele Ellis, dated 1935. Journal is from Eagle Ellay Store, 88 Public Square, Watertown, New York.

Date: 1983-03-26
A note with a recipe for baking soda biscuits on side A, undated. A journal entry written by Angele Ellis on side B, dated 26 March-29 March 1983. Written on paper with 'The Velvet Cloak Inn' letterhead. See KEllis2018-358 for the rest of Angeleā€¦
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