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Date: 1960 April 4
A letter from Herbert B. Attaway, Jr. to Philip J. Moses, dated 4 April 1960, remarking upon the qualities of Philip's mother Fannie Johns Moses.

Date: 1996 May 10
A letter from Richard J. Karam to Sharon M. Benson containing the proposed Constitutional Amendments dated May 10, 1996.

A letter to Affiliate Clubs from the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs President, Ernest A. Saba, dated August 2, 1965.

Date: undated
An address card for As'ad Darouich Zacharias [As'ad Zakaria] in Para, Brazil.


Date: 1913 Nov 8
A note from Nellie M. Choate of Arlington Mills written on November 8, 1913, certifying that Adio Nassar was a "Syrian illiterate minor." It states that he left Arlington Mills on July 31, 1913, and he could not write his name.

A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks why he hasn't received any letters from family. He shares news: Nadim's businesses are good, Mrs. Matilda and her daughter send their greetings. Other names mentioned: Youssef Mossa, Na'im Abu Rahal, Elias…

Date: undated
An article written in Arabic. Title 'I want to return to Lebanon'.

Date: 1953
A letter from Anis Fuleihan at American University in Beirut, Lebanon, to Frank and Dorothy O'Keefe in Bronxville, NY.

An Arabic letter with English translations dated 1980 October 7. This could possibly have been written by Namtallah Hobeiche to Kail Ellis.

Baptism certificates issued for: Aziz Youssef Polos and Tanious Youssef Polos, and Haikal Habib by Father Francis. Dated April 2, 1934.

Date: undated
A copy of the baptism certificate of Toufic Kmeid, from Deir (Church) Mar Abda Al-Mshamar, date of baptism November 14, 1895, by father Aghnatios alAnthony. Certificate signed by father Youssuf Baroud.

Date: undated
Baptism certificate for Suda George Nassar


Date: 1918
A bound volume containing correspondence from 1918 concerning remittances, letters sent through Swedish and Dutch consulates, addresses of the intended recipients in America, issues caused by a shortage of funds, American claims against foreign…

A letter and birthday card from Marie Theresa Ellis (Sister Marie Angele) to Kail Ellis, dated 15 September, 1957.

A card and envelope from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated 13 September 1974.

A card and envelope from Father Frank Kelly to Angele Ellis, dated 15 November 1967.

A card and envelope from Kail Ellis to Angele and Toufic Ellis, dated 13 December 1963. This is a Christmas and New Year's card with an image of an angel on the front.

Date: 1966 May 14
An anniversary card and stamped envelope from Kail Ellis to Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, dated 14 May 1966.

Date: 1965 May 08
A Mother's Day card and stamped envelope from Kail Ellis to Angele Ellis, dated 8 May 1965. The card contains a depiction of Mary and Jesus.

Date: undated
A card addressed to Kail Ellis from Carlos, undated

A greeting card from Elias Jabbour to Ellis family to celebrate Easter, dated 8 April 1963.

Date: 1992 July 12
A card addressed to Angele Ellis and Theresa from Louise, dated 1992 July 12

A greeting card from Margaret Abeed to Angele Ellis to celebrate Easter, dated 8 April 1963.
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