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Date: 1946
A portrait of Kail Ellis for his first grade picture, 1946

A photograph of Therese and a housekeeper at Beit Chebab, dated August 1998

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A photograph of Theresa, Namtallah, Paul, Noha, and John, 1998 August

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A photograph of Theresa Ellis (left) and Angele Ellis (seated) with two women captioned: 'Terry, Mrs. Ellis, Donna, and Gladys', September 1958


Date: undated
A copy of a photograph of the Cleopatra and the USS Oceanic, the ship Toufic Ellis arrived in America on, with a paragraph of information

A photograph captioned 'Sarah, Desiree, Serene, Saundra', dated August 1998

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A photograph of Namtallah and Therese, 15 miles in the mountains from Beit Cheba', dated August 1998

Date: 1958
A copy of photographs of Kail Ellis captioned: 'Photo taken by Toufic of Kail on the Cleopatra before sailing to Beirut (October 1957)' and on the back 'Kail on apartment block roof in Furn al-Shubbak, Beirut, 1958' dated October 1957

A photograph Hakeem (noted as being a neurologist), Jouhaina, and Paul, dated August 1998


A photograph of Al, Mr. Akiki, Nora, Zig, Mrs. Akiki, Paul, Antonian Priest taken at the residence of Hardeni's shrine, dated August 1998

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A photograph of a group of people captioned 'Waiter, Paul, Namtallah, Owner?, Therese, John, Noha, 15 miles up in the mountains from Beyte Chebab', dated August 1998

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