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Date: 1992 Oct 17
Pamphlet for the performance of "A Night at the Casbah" in Boston, Massachusetts.

Flyer with the program for "A Night at the Casbah" Performance.

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Date: 1992 Sep 22
Correspondence from Azziza Productions to Genevieve R. Joseph regarding the performance of "A Night at the Casbah" in Boston, Massachusetts. Includes a preview of the show lineup and a diagram of the venue floor plan.

Date: undated
Document containing the choreography steps for "Ya Raman."


Date: 1992 October
Flyer announcing the return of Mahmoud Reda as well as a brief biography of him and a calendar of events for his workshop. Includes handwritten notes on dance steps.

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Date: undated
Photocopy of a flyer for Shamira Classes in Middle Eastern Dance. Includes illustration of a dancer.

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Date: 1992
Mailed program and advertisement for three dance workshops.

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Date: 1992 Apr 5
Flyer for an Oriental Dance Workshop and performance in Andover, Massachusetts.

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Date: 1991 Jun 15
Flyer and informational material for the 1991 New York Belly Dance Festival, including biography of the dancer, Bedia, and descriptions of instructional and performance videos.

Date: 1992
Flyers and other information for events featuring performer Karen Barbee during the year 1992.

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Date: 1992 Oct
Certificate of Achievement awarded to Genevieve [R.] Joseph by Mahmoud Reda for completion of a two day workshop in Egyptian Dance in 1992.

Date: circa 1990s
Two flyers from Shamira. One advertises a costume sale

Date: circa 1990s
Flyer advertising a seminar and show from Bert Ballatine organized by Shamira. On back are dance instructions.

Pamphlet created by the Near East Dance Theatre in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, advertising a workshop by Velerie Camille in August of 1991.

Date: 1991 Jun 15
Program for the 1991 New York Belly Dance Festival.

Date: 1992 July
Flyer for a dance seminar and performance titled "Eastern Veils and Island Leis" in Groton, Massachusetts.

Date: 1992 May 30
Flyer for an event featuring performer Najwa Karam in New Jersey.

Date: 1992 Apr
Pamphlet of Middle East Cafe's schedule of events and activities for the month of April 1992.

Date: undated
Flyer from the Near East Dance Theatre advertising their video of exciting performances.

Date: undated
Document detailing a history of Arabic music along with descriptions of its traditional instruments.

Date: 1991 Sep 28
Flyer advertising Shalimar Serence and Gisselle Fobbs performance organized by Nehebka.

Date: 1992
Flyer for International Dance Week, April 26 through May 2, 1992, from the National Dance Association.

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Date: 1996 Aug 18
Pamphlet for the Yallah Dance Ensemble's performance at Olana State Historic Site. Includes program and biographies.

Date: undated
Newspaper article in the Daily Gazette of Schenectady about the Hudson River Dance Festival.

Date: 1994 Jan 23
Newspaper clippings featuring information about current political events and the Hudson River Dance Festival.
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