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This manuscript is an unpublished collection of poems and songs. It is split into two parts, the first featuring Arabic songs and poems and the second a collection of poems by Ameen Rihani titled "Waves of My Life." Posthumously published in 2009 as…

This manuscript is a play in four acts that follows the life of a Yemeni Princess named Wajdah. Wajdah is the heroine of the play and a 17th century princess who converts to Islam, which leads to challenges in reconciling faith and reason. There is… PDF.pdf

This manuscript, as described in the foreword, is meant to awaken an interest in the Near-East for Americans, give them a better understanding of Islam and the modern reforms it was undergoing, and bring an appreciation to the Arab movement. Rihani… PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a collection of essays on the East and West, desert, travel, agnosticism, and knowledge and inspiration. Posthumously published in 2002 as The White Way in the Desert. PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a discussion of Arabian poetry by Ameen Rihani. Within this careful analysis he discusses different aspects of the poetry and various important authors. PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a collection of various writings by Ameen Rihani that all focus on the pan-arab movement. Some of the writings are articles that have been published, but are under a different name within the manuscript. Posthumously published in… PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a literary study on the content, written style, and historical background of the Arabian Nights. While also discussing and comparing three English translations of the Nights. PDF.pdf

This manuscript is an English novel by Ameen Rihani that was eventually written in Arabic. It describes the oppression of the woman under the Ottoman Empire. PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a collection of various short stories by Ameen Rihani, named after the 5th featured writing titled The Green Flag. PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a book Ameen Rihani wrote, which contains a number of lectures, articles, and documents discussing Palestine and Zionism. Posthumously published in 1967 as The Fate of Palestine. PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a collection of various writings by Ameen Rihani. These articles cover everything from law, theatre, to Rihani's writings on specific literature. Further there are articles that discuss historic figures and events, as well as a few…

This manuscript is comprised of Ameen Rihani's experiences in Al-Hijaz where he was in communication with the Sultan Ibn Sa'oud advising treaties of peace. Rihani describes his diplomatic excursions all throughout Arabia in the mid-1920's and the… PDF.pdf

This manuscript is titled Letters to Uncle Sam and is comprised of four articles. Uncle Sam is the personality that symbolizes the United States of America and Rihani writes to him discussing the values of Arab Americans as well as the reality of… PDF.pdf

A manuscript titled Kurdistan by Ameen Rihani. Rihani describes Kurdistan from his own experiences while travelling, while also intermingling history of the country. The book is split into several sections in which Rihani tackles various topics on… PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a novelette by Ameen Rihani titled Juhan. It is described in the manuscript as, "A Turkish woman has her way, during the World War, with a German officer." The novel is important for the attention it pays to the changing social and… PDF.pdf

An unpublished manuscript titled "Iraq" by Ameen Rihani which details Iraq from his personal experiences within the country. It is split into five parts each discussing different moments from Rihani's travels and experiences within Iraq. Part 1 PDF.pdf

This manuscript is a collection of various political essays that Ameen Rihani wrote, including publications from The Syrian World. They range on topics from the Ottoman Empire, to Syria and Lebanon, the Political Situation in the Near-East, along… PDF.pdf

Date: 1932
An unpublished manuscript by Ameen Rihani titled "In the Land of the Mayas", in which Rihani recounts his experience while travelling through the Yucatan peninsula. Rihani predominantly discusses the possibility that the Phoenicians may have first… PDF.pdf

Date: 1903
This manuscript is Ameen Rihani's early notebook. It contains his personal writings and notes beginning as early as 1903. PDF.pdf

Date: 1918
This manuscript is a fictional novel by Ameen Rihani titled Dr. Della Valle. It follows Giuseppe Della Valle and is set in Naples, Italy. The story begins with Beatrice, Giuseppe's older sister growing sicker and sicker until her early death. Due to… PDF.pdf

This manuscript by Ameen Rihani is the second collection of critiques that he wrote on various art, for a number of different newspapers and magazines including The Syrian World. These critiques not only focus on fine art, artists, and different… PDF.pdf

This manuscript by Ameen Rihani is a collection of thirty art critiques specifically featured within The International Studio, a decorative arts magazine that ran from 1893 to 1964. Most of the art Rihani focuses on is from the late 19th and early… PDF.pdf

This manuscript by Ameen Rihani recalls the historic contributions of Arabia to Civilization in addition to including some of the poetry of Arabia. He begins with a brief history on Arabia it is also within this portion of the book that he includes… PDF.pdf

Date: 1928
يبحث الكتاب سبل تعزيز القومية العربية ونشر الاصلاح والعدل بين افراد وشعوب هذه الامة. والسبيل الى ذلك ليس بالتمسك بالهوية الطائفية او المذهبية ولكن باشاعة روح المسامحة والمؤاخاة بين افراد الوطن الواحد PDF.pdf

Date: 1939
الكتاب كغيره من كتب ريحاني التي كتبها شارحا فيها اسفاره الى البلاد العربية ومشاهداته السياسية والجغرافية فيها، بالاضافة الى نفحات تاريخية عن المنطقة واهلها. وكان يرمي الريحاني بسلسلة كتبه هذه التعريف والتقريب بين ابناء الامة العربية الواحدة - كما كان… Part 1 PDF.pdf
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