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Date: circa 1930s
A photograph of Beshara and Serina's five children outside their house. The children are Philip, Evelyn, Theresa, Frederick, and Victoria. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken circa 1932-1935.

Date: 1969 May 11
A photograph of the Shehdan family on Mother's Day, 1969. Philip Shehdan is in the middle

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A photograph of Beshara Shehdan and his brother Chicory ("Chick") Shehdan on Beshara's wedding day to Serina Hakeem. The photograph was taken in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Goldsboro, NC, where the wedding took place. The individuals pictured in…

A photograph of Serina Shehdan (second from left) and Philip Shehdan (middle) with three other unidentified family members in 1989.

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Date: undated
A photograph of two unidentified women in the Shehdan family sitting together near a fireplace drinking tea. Though undated, the image was taken around Christmas.

Date: undated
A photograph of Sister Evalyn Shehdan (born Helen) and her sister Hazel Shehdan. The sisters are sitting together outdoors on a porch, near potted flowers.


Date: 1993
A photograph of Sister Evalyn Shehdan (formerly Helen Ruth Shehdan) of the Dominican Order of Gloucester, New Jersey, taken around December, 1993.
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