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Date: Unknown
A photograph of Beshara and Serina Shehdan standing outside of a car. Though undated, this photograph was likely taken in the 1960s.

Date: Unknown
A photocopy of a cover of the "Cross Cedar," a quarterly publication put out by the Maronite Community of the Carolinas.

Date: Unknown
An unidentified female member of the Shehdan family--perhaps Serina Shehdan--sitting in a wheelchair, listening to a violin being played by a young woman. Another unidentified young woman sits at a nearby table.

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Date: Unknown
A photograph of Hazel Shehdan, standing outside.

Date: Unknown
A studio portrait photograph of a woman, identified only as a Shehdan woman.

Date: Unknown
A photograph of two unidentified women in the Shehdan family, sitting together near a fireplace drinking tea. Though undated, the image was taken around Christmas.

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Sister Evalyn Shehdan (born Helen) and her sister Hazel Shehdan. The sisters are sitting together outdoors on a porch, near potted flowers.
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