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Date: 1923
A photograph of a group of people standing outside at the pyramids Cairo, Egypt. The group includes members of the Fuleihan family, Isabel, Margaret, and Leonard Oussani.

Top image is of Dorothy Fuleihan. Middle image is of Nasri's Mother. Bottom image is of the Oussani and Fuleihan family.

Photo of a man outside in front of a stone structure or house, photo is taken from a low vantage point

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A photograph of a small, one-story house with a tree in the front yard, possibly owned by Nasri and Isabel Fuleihan, because of other pictures with their family with it

A photograph of a man wearing a suit standing on a rock structure in a forest

A photograph taken from magazine of two men shaking hands

A photograph of trees with a road running through middle of photo

A photograph of two chairs outside on a lawn surrounded by treeline

A photograph of a distant, foggy landscape from a mountain

A photograph of a football game, several players sitting in the foreground and a game in the background

A photograph of a city with several buildings, cars, a few people and trees

A photograph of a baby in a carriage smiling and wearing a hat

A photograph from a high vantage point of several buildings

A faded photograph of a boy outside, possibly of Neville Fuleihan

A photograph of a lady wearing a pair of shoes, photograph zoomed in to only show legs and shoes

A photograph of the side of a house and woodline behind it with a severe blur

A photograph of a log cabin

A photograph of people standing around in yard or courtyard with tables and food around, candid photograph

A photograph of a dam and canal with a building beside it

A photograph of a man standing beside a cow or bull in front of a brick building

A photograph of a young woman named Rosemarie posing with a flower in her hair

A photograph of a man and two horses in a field, possibly Nasri Fuleihan

A candid photograph of a man sitting in a chair and laughing

A candid photograph of a man sitting in a chair and laughing

A photograph of a man sitting at a desk in an office
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