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A photograph of a woman sitting outside near a marsh and water in a bathing suit

A photograph of a woman, Dodo Shea, with three German Shepherds

A photograph of a young boy on a ship, identified as "Lenny"

A photograph of a woman wearing a swimsuit and standing on rocks by some water, possibly a river.

A group photograph of six people outside, caption on the back says " Gladys (?) and "

A photograph of Dodo Shea and another woman standing on the beach

A photograph of a group, two women and a man, posing in a circle

A photograph of three boys playing on the beach

A photograph of a group of people outside laying and sitting in the grass


A photograph of a woman with a dog in front of a large Victorian house

A photograph of three men walking on the deck of a ship. It looks like two of the men are wearing dresses

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A photograph of four women posing together

A photograph of a lady sitting outside on some rocks

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A photograph of three Oussani men and a young child

A photograph of Leonard and Margaret Oussani standing together outside

A photograph of Margaret and Isabel Oussani women standing outside

A photograph of Joseph Oussani standing outside with a dog, Laddy, in front of him

Portrait of Isabel Oussani

A photograph of Nasri Fuleihan outside wearing a suit and bowler hat.

A photograph of Isabel Oussani and a baby, likely Dorothy Fuleihan, in a carriage outside.

A photograph of Margaret Oussani standing outside, in front of a rock wall and house in the background

A photograph of a group of people laughing and sitting on the beach together. The group is drinking bourbon and beer.

A photograph of two people riding camels in the desert

A group of people standing outside, one man with Margaret Oussani and Dodo Shea

A group of adults sitting in front of a porch, seven people including Margaret Oussani and Dodo Shea
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