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Date: 1929
An emergency program for Stadium Programs, Season of 1929, the Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, August 6, 7, 8, Anis Fuleihan as Guest Conductor

Date: 1972-05-24
Isabel Oussani Fuleihan's Last Will and Testament, dated 24 May 1972

A business card for J. McKenna, who erects monuments and mausoleums. Written on back is plot information

Date: 1908
A receipt for the erection of a vault, costing $4325, built by J. McKenna, Granite and Marble Works, dated 25 June 1908 and addressed to Joseph Oussani

Date: 1890s
Portrait of Margaret Shea Oussani by J.K. Cole, 174 Sixth Ave. New York City, circa 1890s.

Date: 1989-09-15
A letter from Jerry Allen to Fred McGrath enclosing two mausoleum keys dated 15 September 1989.

Date: 1929-12-12
Joseph Oussani's Last Will and Testament, dated 12 December 1929

Date: 1907
A bond from Joseph Oussani to Catherine P. Hunter, for the amount of $30,000, dated 28 February 1907

Date: 1896
A letter written by Joseph Oussani dated 5 May 1896. Joseph announces his upcoming marriage to a young Irish Catholic American girl to his parents in Baghdad, begging their blessing since they could not be there. He mentions that his brothers, Yak…

Date: 1896
A letter in Arabic from Joseph Oussani in New York to his parents in Baghdad, Iraq telling them of his marriage to Irish-American Margaret Shea, dated 5 May 1896. Two photocopies of the original, a handwritten English translation by Leon Bushara,…

Date: 1893
An Arabic travel journal written by Joseph Oussani detailing his journey from Baghdad, Iraq to the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in Illinois. A translation by Leon Bushara is also included in the folder and a photocopy of the original…

Date: 1893
An Arabic letter from Joseph Oussani in Baghdad, Iraq to Chicago, Illinois dated April 20, 1893. A photocopy of the letter is also in the folder.

An envelope marked "Cemetery Deed" with names "Shea, Lynch and Harrington" produced by Joseph Kennedy Funeral Chapel, Inc.

Date: 1946-05-15
A document produced by Joseph T. Kennedy Funeral Chapel listing the funeral expenses for the funeral of Miss Mary Lynch, interred at Calvary Cemetery on 13 May 1946, document dated 15 May 1946

Date: 1907
A cemetery deed marked for Shea, Lynch, and Harrington, by Joseph T. Kennedy Funeral Chapel, featuring a paper notating placement within mausoleum, and deed signed by Joseph Oussani and John McKenna 8 June 1907

Date: 1915
A letter from the Law Offices of Katz and Sommerich to Joseph Oussani regarding Catholic v. Oussani, providing information on the deed between Oussani and Jenkens. Letter dated 28 August 1915

Date: 1915
A list of papers received from Katz and Sommerich related to Catholic Foreign Mission Society, Inc. v. Oussani

Date: 1921
Receipt/ Stubs paid to the "les amis du progres" order of Free Masons in Mansourah. The document states that Nasir Fleihan's payment to the "till" was received for subscription. One of the stubs is from 22 of April of 1921 for an amount of 30 and the…

Date: 1921
Billet de Passe (Ticket of Passing) from the FrenchMasons lodge "Les Amis du Progres" order of Mansourah. Certifying that Nasri L. Fuleihan has the first rank and is an active member of Les Amis du Progres. It is dated April 13, 1921.


Date: 1921
A letter written in French adressed as a Circular to all of the L Sisters. The letter states: "The respectable L. Les Amis du Progres (friends of progress) order of Mansourah work under the auspice of the Great Orient of France, issues Nasri Fleihan,…


Date: 1920s
A large bound photobook belonging to Margaret Oussani and containing images from her school years, travels with her family to Europe and Africa, of family and friends, at the beach.

Date: 1915-1917
A bound photobook belonging to Margaret Oussani containing photographs of various Oussani family members in California and New York, hiking, swimming, at the beach.

Date: 1960-09-16
A letter from Margaret Oussani responding to Matthew McEvoy regarding perpetual care costs, dated 16 September 1960

Date: 1912
A letter from Margaret Oussani to her Grandma, dated 12 February 1912 written from Egypt.

Date: 1960-05-16
A letter from Matthew McEvoy, Supervisor of Trustees Office, to Margaret Oussani setting up an appointment to obtain the key to the mausoleum, dated 16 May 1960
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