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Date: undated
Bahia Mack Weaver, John Mack's youngest child, posing in front of John Mack & Son Store. Bahia served as a buyer and manager of the store through 1939.

Date: 1987
A street photograph of the 75th anniversary celebration of John Mack & Son, which was celebrated in 1987.

Date: 2007
The 2008 Historic Mooresville Calendar, which featured archival photographs from Mooresville's history. The month of November was sponsored by John Mack & Son Department Store and includes photographs of the family and the business.

A program printed in honor of the Diamond Anniversary celebration of John Mack & Son Department store in Mooresville, North Carolina. The program contains photographs from the store's 75 continuous years of operation and includes an early history of…

Date: circa 1955
The grand opening upon the major remodel of John Mack & Son, which took place in the mid-1950s. Second from left is Mitchell, next to his father, Side, and sister, Madeline. Other individuals in the photograph are unidentified.

Date: undated
A photograph of one of the intricate window displays created by Madeline Mack at John Mack & Son department store.

Date: undated
John Mack standing outside on a sidewalk.


Date: circa 1950s
A photograph of a window display at John Mack & Son. Bahia Mack Weaver was known as an innovative merchandiser, a tradition carried on by her niece, Madeline Mack. This photograph of a window display featuring live models Joan Morrow (left) and…

Date: 1920s
Left to Right: Side Mack, Side Jr. (also known as Mitchell, on lap), Edward Mack, Tabeeta Ikall Mack, Margaret Mack (in front of mother), Madeline Mack.

Date: undated
The extended Mack family photographed in formal wear. Though the subjects are unidentified and the photograph is undated, it was likely taken in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

Date: circa 1930s
A portrait of the Mack family seated in front of a house in an unidentified location which is probably Mooresville, North Carolina. John Mack is in the center and seated to the left is his youngest daughter, Bahia Mack Weaver. Unidentified but…

Date: undated
A photograph of a wedding dress and shoes on display in a glass case.

Date: circa 1960s
Side Mack with his grown children Madeline and Mitchell, posing together behind the counter at their family store, John Mack & Son. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken in the 1960s.

Date: undated
Mitchell Mack posing with a suit in the menswear department of John Mack & Son.

Date: 2012
Transcription of an interview of Mitchell Mack by Akram Khater conducted on October 24, 2010. 64 minutes (see PDF).

Date: undated
Side Mack posing with his peddling cases in front of his family department store John Mack & Son.

Date: undated
A photograph of Side Mack receiving a certificate, surrounded by a group of unidentified men.


Date: 2009
This video was donated by the Mack family. It was first created in 2007 and updated in 2009. It contains a history and pictoral family tree of the Mack family, and was created for use at family reunions and celebrations.

Date: undated
A photograph of an unidentified woman from the Mack family seated in front of a house.

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