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Date: 1946
Facsimile of a portion of two documents presented to Mitchell Baddour, who was honorably discharged by the U.S. Navy in March 1946.
Baddour-navy certificate.jpg

caption: "U.S. Navy Landing Craft Aboard U.S. Navy LST [Note: Landing Ship, Tank]"

A photograph taken by Mitchell Baddour during his time serving in the US Navy.
baddour-mitch navy ship 2.jpg

Mitchell David Baddour and friends of the United States Navy, all in uniform. Baddour is third from left.
Baddour-mitch navy.jpg

A photograph of a U.S. Navy Land Craft taken by Mitchell Baddour during his time serving in the US Navy.
baddour-mitch navy photo.jpg

Date: May 3, 2002
A brief history of the St. Elias Maronite Church located in Roanoke, Virginia, written by Loretta Saleeba Jolley. The history includes accounts of some of the earliest Lebanese immigrants, including Father Rabil, an ancestor of Matt Kannan. It covers…

Date: Unknown
A hand-tinted photographic portrait of Victoria Alkazin Baddour.

Date: Unknown
A hand-tinted photographic portrait of Shickrey Baddour.

Date: circa 1910s
A studio portrait of Shickrey Baddour with his two oldest sons, Seef Charles and Joseph, from his first marriage.

Date: Unknown
A photograph of multiple generations of unidentified members of the Rabil family of Weldon, NC, standing on the porch of a house.

Date: Undated
A hand-tinted portrait photograph of Assad and Mary Rabil.

Date: circa 1950
Lucille and Taft George with their daughter, Marie, at the Carolina Cafe in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Date: circa 1930s
A meeting of the Hammana Club at the Raleigh Moose Lodge, circa 1930s. Identified individuals in the photo include:
"Victoria Baddour
Neil Joseph
Nora Kannan (Matt’s great-grandmother)
Fadwa Rabil
Ellis Kannan (Wilson)
Evon Rabil (George’s…

Date: Unknown
caption: "Fred Rabil, Joe Rabil, Joe Hawa (came from Junih and went to Franklin, Virginia) in Franklin, Virginia"

Date: Unknown
A portrait of Dahar and his wife Marsha Rabil.

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Date: Unknown
Pictures of Charles Kannan and Nora Rabil Kannan, cut from a larger photo and placed on a neutral background.

Date: Unknown
caption: "Addie Rabil Farris (Deceased, of Rocky Mount), Albert Zahran (of Fayetteville), and Roselie Kannan Zahran." Also present are unidentified individuals in the background and to the left.

Date: Unknown
A group portrait of members of the Hammana Club. Though unidentified, the photograph likely contains members of the Kannan, Rabil, and Baddour families.
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